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44 thoughts on “50 TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS to take EPIC PHOTOS”

  1. I honestly don’t like doing adventure/travel photography because I found it hard to make it interesting. I’ve always been more interested in people and in their candid state but I looked up this video because I wanted to get better at a photography genre I’m poor at. And wow these photos are absolutely gorgeous and these tips are so helpful

  2. It's difficult to take camera everywhere.. because in the evening maybe we want to have some fun in the city and want to go in a club. or we want to swim at the beatch but I don't want to leave my setup at the place because somone could steal it. And not always the hotel is near so I can just bring back the camera to the hotelroom.
    I'm looking forward to travel with my girlfriend, so there is no one who could stay at the place..

    how do you handle this guys, when you want to be spontaneous?

  3. Love the last tip. Unless you're getting paid to take pictures, better to enjoy the moment. I've seen couples on youtube constantly blogging when the other partner is just by his or herself taking the scenery in while the other is constantly on his/her camera.

    Love the tips from beginning to the end. 👍❤

  4. Another tip: Turn around! Especially when you are shooting a nice sunset or when the sun comes up in the morning: turn around. Sometimes the clouds or/and the mist behind you are more spectacular then the 89787th sunset. Don't miss it because you are to focused on the main event.

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