#999 WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE – INSIDE America's Famous Haunted House – Daily Travel Vlog (5/2/19)

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26 thoughts on “#999 WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE – INSIDE America's Famous Haunted House – Daily Travel Vlog (5/2/19)”

  1. Hi Jordan, Jah and Breck. I really enjoyed the Vlog thank you for sharing your tour of the Winchester House with us 🦁❤️! I hope that ya have fun on your trip 🐕😎🚗

  2. Fascinating. First time I've heard of this house. Those Tiffany windows are just gorgeous.Poor old lady must have been tormented by this curse on her.

  3. Another excellent video. When I when there in 1977 I got a flat tire on Steven Creek Blvd. When I when back in 1979 I got another flat tire in the same spot.

  4. Hey, you finally made it to my neck of the woods..welcome to the ONCE beautiful San Jose. If knew you were here, I would have loved to treat you to lunch to say thank you for all of your wonderful, thoughtful vlogs. Also, her niece, Sara, lives up in my neighborhood, she is a vey nice person…my mom would have loved to introduce you. Well, we cant wait to see your 1000 vlog, know it is going to be quite special…so many things to see around here and up in the city. What do you have in store? cant wait! God Bless and thank you again! – Julie, Alum Rock San Jose

  5. Thank you. Awesome experience you took us on. You are really good at narration, too.I enjoy the odd bits of insight and knowledge you add to your videos. Please, keep them coming.

  6. I haven't seen the Winchester Mystery House since I was 9 in '77, and despite being way more excited at the time to go to Disney I have way more vivid memories of it than any other part of the vacation. I still don't understand why, but it just has a power that affected me.

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