Affordable Beach Vacation Try-On Haul! Amazon, Target, Red Dress!

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22 thoughts on “Affordable Beach Vacation Try-On Haul! Amazon, Target, Red Dress!”

  1. Love the striped dress, looks fab on you! Don't love bright yellow on anyone but the styles are very cute. Love the taupe wedges and high neck bathing suits. Can't stand tying anything as I am always feeling like it is going to come undone! You look great in everything 🙂

  2. That blue dress is so gorgeous on you!
    I have to vote ‚no‘ on the yellow one, though. The design itself I like, but the color kinda ‚overwhelms‘ you.
    Have a wonderful vacation 🏖🤽‍♀️🍹

  3. You’re beautiful and thank you for the videos! Is it just me but I can’t get used to high waisted suit bottoms- they look strange to me no matter what age is wearing them.

  4. Can you do a video on how you keep your figure so perfect? You look so beautiful, slim and sexy! I can't stop gaining weight around my mid section and I am growing the dreaded "meno-pot". Thanks Angie. Keep up the good work!

  5. I just found your channel and I'm hooked! I'm 36 and really starting take care of my skin and I found all of your information so helpful! Honestly, you are skin and body goals! I hope I get there! Thank you for your content!

  6. I LOVE the yellow jumpsuit on you ! Agree, no diaper pants. The top is cute, though. The one piece is precious! Rash guards are cute. The rest all look great on you!

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