Arriving in BORACAY for the First Time – Philippines Travel Vlog

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20 thoughts on “Arriving in BORACAY for the First Time – Philippines Travel Vlog”

  1. Nothing really change since the closure of that place. I was expecting something really grand makeover with all the hype. Oh well, its just for show then and you can still see shit all over. What a farce administration.

  2. Shame to those habal habal drivers.. they are scammer they forcing foreign tourists to ride on their bike.. LGU must know this matter and must stop these scammers… Enjoy the Philippines guys..

  3. holy cow! u almost got scammed with that motorbike guy. good job steve for not taking bike. it will be so uncomfortable with all those bags. yeah that sunset was amazing! 🙂
    ahahah room tour is best highlights!

  4. We were there lastweek. Me looking for some vloggers haha…

    Waters cold damn.

    Howd u managed to use ur drone?
    They told us we can't do dat or get a permit from the mayor's office? Tnx

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