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25 thoughts on “BABY BUMPS 1ST VACATION 🏝”

  1. Damnnnn toya. You’re pregnant again? Congrats!! I remember when Samia was born I was 13 and then when zayn was born I was 15 and now you’re having your 3rd kid I’m 17. I’ve been watching you for a long time haha. ily

  2. Congratulations to the pregnancy! It's so sweet to watch your baby bump because my brother and his girlfriend just told the fam they are expecting twins!!! My mom had joked all along and said it was twins, and it was. And the doc was like "There is just one baby in here…Wait…There's another one over there!" – Her baby bumb was so big just some weeks into it, and I couldn't help but think of your belly…. 😂 What if you have twins too!

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