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  1. Been to Brisbane once when I was 14. I was awed by the beaches in the middle in the city. This is the most beautiful city ever I have seen. The perfect blend between nature and modern city, and the kind of thing that you never find in a concrete jungle like Hong Kong. The friendly vibe, laid back lifestyle…. To me, Brisbane is the perfect city to live in. Now I am going to study in University of Queensland next month. Just watching videos and wish time could pass faster.

  2. Brisbane is beautiful. It has the sprawling bayside, the island beaches of moreton, bribie and stradbroke. The city is also super modern and massive. It probably is the most sprawling city in Australia in terms geographical size. The weather is always warm and the people are down to earth and friendly, unlike other Australian cities like Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

  3. Lived in the best suburbs in Sydney for 30 years. Brisbane and Melbourne leave Sydney for dead and the real estate is half the price. . Magic city to walk around. No other major city has so much natural beauty around it within easy reach.

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