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  1. Manifesto to the nations and citizens of Europe and the World

    .Like in 1956, the people of Hungary has to fight for freedom again. After having overthrown the Communist dictatorship in 1989, after 22 years of constitutional democracy and six democrartic parliamentary elections the parliamentary parties and their elected representatives committed such a crime, which is quite unprecedented not only in Hungarian but also world history..The Hungarian members of Parliament, breaking their oath of God, people and constitution, violating the effective interim constitution, codified a legally invalid „fundamental law”, which functions as a new constitution, thus making an attempt to terminate the thousand-year-old constitutional order and state of the Hungarian people!The MPs of the parties, under the name of Magyarország (=Hungary) instead of Hungarian Republic), have created a new, non-Hungarian state, depriving the Hungarian people of their freedom and their right to self-determination in this way! Thus they are deceiving and misleading not only the Hungarian society but also the international organizations and the public opinion of the world. The state named Hungary is not the state of the Hungarian people!!! Because it is not created by the Hungarian people, and it is not created according to the Hungarian constitutional order and legislation.There is no legal continuity between the territory ensuring the dictatorship of the Hungarian political elite over the Hungarian people and the Hungarian state. The former is a phantom state created without the citizens and without the supreme state apparatus, which occupied the state of the Hungarian people and the place of the Hungarian state in the international organizations. The people of Hungary, fulfilling itsconstitutional duty (just like in 1956), is going to begin a peaceful, constitutional, legitimate political struggle against that political elite, against their own treasonable representatives. We are aiming at overthrowing the dictatorship of the political elite over the people and at drawing up a constitution with participation of the people. Herewith we are appealing to the free, piece-loving people in Europe and in the whole world for help and support for the peaceful political struggle of the Hungarian people, which we now begin with the announcement of a Constitutional Resistance for recovering its freedom and self-determination.

    We NGOs are compelled to make this step, because the political opposition, which should have done it, is supporting the political forces in power. We intend to wage our struggle using no violence, in compliance with international law and the Hungarian constitution, against only our own treasonable political elite. Please watch the course of events of our struggle, and lend us a helping hand.

    If the political elite – unlike the Communists in 1989 – were unwilling to cooperate with us in the elimination of their own dictatorship, we are going to apply for help to the international organizations, to the UNO and the EU. We ask you to follow our struggle in the media, and help us by the force of international public opinion in compelling our own political elite to eliminate their dictatorship over the Hungarian people.

    Budapest, 22th November 2013. | United Front Movement (Egységfront Egyesület)

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