Chicago Haunts: The Drake Hotel (part 1)

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  1. I worked security at the Drake 30 years ago so I had access to the entire building. I loved exploring the hotel. There were parts that have not changed since it opened. On the East side of the 10th floor there's a service hall that has storerooms, and a furniture repair shop. There's a small set of stairs that has a bathroom at the top. The fixtures are original including the stalls. There's another stairway that takes you up to the roof that overlooks the Drake neon sign. There's also a private apartment for the resident hotel manager. The basement has a wine cave, and more workshops. There's a carpenter shop with old tools, and pin up calenders from the 40's on. It's like being in a timewarp. The smaller ballroom has doors that connects to the building next door which used to be the Drake Tower. The rooms on the first guest floor are smaller and more plain than the upper floors. This was where the servants stayed while traveling with their rich employers. The hotel is built around the main kitchen which is 2 floors in the center of the building. There's a wood burning oven to bake bread. It's a beautiful building that's aged gracefully. I also worked at the Wrigley Building. One day I'll share my stories about that grand place.

  2. I'm fascinated with the Drake's Lady in Red; its just a shame a proper long-term paranormal investigation of the active areas is likely never to happen, short of Discovery Channel or travel Channel big bucks and liability waivers ..seems to be the case with far too many of the well known haunted locations. I'd be very curious to know what kind of evidence would come out of an intentional attempt to communicate with her with loads of environmental data monitors, Thanks for the upload and the look around guys!

  3. did you guys ever post the part 2 video? and did u guys get in trouble for walking around up there at all..i mean I assume they wouldn't mind as long as you were being quiet and respectful..also did you guys actually go into the stairwell at all? thanks! :))

  4. hello Julie and sean! I am going to be staying at the drake next month and want to do a little research on the story behind the woman in mention that "stairs" were involved in her death can you explain that part of the story to me? you kept saying you didn't know the full story..can you explain the full story then? id very very much appreciate it! thankyou! 😀

  5. ridiculous! i been staying in this hotel every now and then for the past 3 years, and i never heard of this fairy-tale! not even noticed anything up normal about this property!

  6. Stayed in room 816 in Sept 2013 for four nights. On the final night I was woke by the VERY distinct feeling of someone playing with my hair. Watching horror movies on Netflix probably didn't help though. LOL

  7. there seems to be an anomoly at 5:13-5:19 in the alcove where the fire exit (??) door is. I barely see a rising shadow on the right hand side of the beam of blue light. I'm not saying it's a ghost or a shadow person, but it makes me wonder.
    It doesn't appear to be reflection or lighting effect. What do you think?

  8. And just when I think I have seen every ghost story in the US, I come across a new one. Bravo! It's funny that I've never heard of "The Drake Hotel" since I live very close to Chicago. Question… The photo of the couple in your video… Was that the actual couple involved? Looking forward to Part 2!

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