Chicago IL to Milwaukee WI Time Lapse Drive

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6 thoughts on “Chicago IL to Milwaukee WI Time Lapse Drive”

  1. Foolish thing she did, staying on the tollway in northern Lake County when she could've saved $4 in tolls not going through the Waukegan toll plaza.

    You see the Six Flags sign at 05:17 ? That's Great America. Immediately get off on Highway 132, turning east, and then immediately turn left at Dilleys Road (where Speedway, Golden Corral and Hampton Inn are located). Go about 3 miles north on Dilleys, until you come to the T intersection, turn right (east) on Wadsworth Road, and go one-quarter of a mile and you'll hit the four-lane Highway 41, there's two gas stations on the corner. There, you go about 3 more miles until you're reunited with I-94 (which is no longer a tollway) right at Russell Road and just before the Wisconsin border.

    Even though they're both small two-lane country roads Dilleys and Wadsworth have no traffic backups at any time. You won't lose any time assuming there's a backup at the cash-only toll booths on the tollway.

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