Chicago Murder House

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4 thoughts on “Chicago Murder House”

  1. I would really like to see a follow up on this. I hope they will eventually get the peace they need. I have a feeling that the kids might want to see their dad to be able to move on…maybe. And maybe the kids mom needs to hear him say he loves and forgives her for what had happened before any of this happened. Idk just my guess. I know he took their bodies back with him to Mexico so idk if they also appear in the cemetery? Maybe they don't know their bodies got moved there? Idk but I hope they can finally rest in peace one day. Those poor babies. Please do a follow-up.

  2. I saw your Facebook video and I’m pretty sure some of the back windows are open every time my family passes by we feel really weird and I feel like there still there when we took my 2nd cousin from Texas to go visit the house we felt like they were there and IM positive I saw there faces

  3. My mom es la sobrina de la familia it’s really sad what happened our family is related to them so my mom has contact with someone who still has a key of the house I was there when we went to pick up the key at the police station I go to her house a lot I’m going to try to talk to her about it or try to get the key RIP familia MALDONADO 🤧I also have a 2nd cousin in Texas who came here to Chicago and took me inside the house to get the belongings left in there 😿I remember I used to play with the kid when we were little we’re the same age now and I truly miss them

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