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  1. Chicago has the perfect forest reserves and parks to check out! Here my Top 5 I recommend from a local’s point of view:

    1. Lakeshore Trail (Must ride trail that goes along Lake Michigan and The Loop to Museum of Science and Industry)

    2. Lincoln Park (Nice Park with a rich History , a large lagoon and the free forever Lincoln Park Zoo)

    3.Bloomingdale Trail aka The 606( a train track turned into a Park. A great way to explore our neighborhoods like Wicker Park and Humboldt)

    4.North Shore Branch Trail( A nice trail and forest reserve that runs from Chicago to Chicago Botanic Gardens. Try Superdawg along the way )

    5.North Shore Channel Trail ( Different from the North Branch and part a sculpture park and bike/runner friendly trail that runs from Chicago’s North Park neighborhood to Evanston. I recommend going a extra mile to Baha’i Temple!)

  2. Chiraque hahaha.Just like Rio de Janeiro in my country, Brazil.But i'd love to meet one of the cradles of Blues and Jazz. " Polícia, Cocaína, Comando Vermelho ;
    Saravejo é brincadeira, aqui é Rio de janeiro ".

  3. Chicago is so cool.Ever since I was little I was inspired by this city and I also love its skyline.

    Fun fact:Chicago use to be the 2nd biggest city in the USA but now LA took that title and soon.Houston will surpass Chicago.Putting Chicago down 4th place which is a bummer because these cities aren't as good and inspiring as Chicago is.Chicago should be the 2nd largest city in the US!

  4. I made a trip to NYC and now I'm in Chicago. This is my face after walking and exploring Chicago _ This place is absolutely amazing. Watching the sunset next to Buckingham fountain was magnificent. Chicago has as much to offer as NYC but without the extreme crowds (and trash) hahaha. Love both cities though!!

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