Chicago “Wishing You Were Here” AND 10cc “I’m Not In Love” (music video) (HD)

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13 thoughts on “Chicago “Wishing You Were Here” AND 10cc “I’m Not In Love” (music video) (HD)”

  1. Dear RockandFunk I hope you see this amazeballs job on this. However I would love to see you include the longer album version of 10cc' 'I'm not In Love" specifically the part where the woman says "be quiet, big boys don't cry" that takes an already 10 song up to a 12+ and if there is a studio version of both please. Love the insite and creativity to think that up. Now I challenge you or anyone to do a mash up with this sing or two bands you never would think would work. I was like oh hells to the no! When I heard someone's genius mash up of ABBA' "Super Trooper" and Van Halen' "Jump" I was amazed they also used the videos from both songs. In fact it was called ABBA vs. Van Halen mash up I believe. That would be epic! Again, thanks and spot on and hope to see you or anyone else do these and then please notify me!♡♡♡♡

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