Crowne Plaza Hotel Room Review Chicago

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26 thoughts on “Crowne Plaza Hotel Room Review Chicago”

  1. I have never, ever , in my entire hotel or motel experience received a room that didn't have a " closet "

    How does a person overlook the closet when showing the inside of a room ???
    Madness !

  2. Crown Okaza SLAUGHTERHOUSE HITEL. Never EVER rent any rooms here. They harvest and sell body organs on the blackmarket. The entire Hotel is A SLAUGHTERHOUSE. You will wind up dead and in a freezer with your organs missing. The hotel is corrupt and covers up their tracks with the help of the CORRUPT ROSEMONT POLICE!!!!!! GOOGLE this hotel. It's A SCAM for human organ trafficking. Stay at Your OWN RISK. They can control every camera in the hotel. Yet there AREN'T ANY CAMERAS in ANY ELEVATORS. Be very careful if you stay here. AND BE VERY AFRAID too!!!!! πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ”«

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