Cuba Travel Vlog (Cuban Cigars, Living With Locals, Communism) – Rozz Recommends: Unexplored EP4

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44 thoughts on “Cuba Travel Vlog (Cuban Cigars, Living With Locals, Communism) – Rozz Recommends: Unexplored EP4”

  1. Your vlogs are such eye openers!!! It really sparks the wanderlust side of me. The scene where you were on the donkey riding through the open land it just reminded me of a simple happy life I want to live ^_^

  2. Thank you for sharing your travel journey with us. Especially to Cuba. I would never have the chance to visit there ..can’t wait to see the Mexico trip😍❤️

  3. Not saying anything about the country but the THEORY of communism is not bad in itself. I don't like it when people blame communism as it is not the ideology that is at fault here. It is humans that misuse it, dictators, horrible leaders, etc. Condone those people instead, the idea of communism is that all that is produced in a country should be shared evenly between people. Having no class system, everyone is equal. However, the communism in practice for some reason has this one leader instead of a democracy lead by the people, how did that happen? I guess it's because of all the different streams of the ideology itself..

    Anyways, Cuba is still a dangerous country but also seems like an incredible place to be as it is full of culture and has a great atmosphere (as long as you don't do something wrong :))

  4. Congratulations, you just became part of the Cuban propaganda machine.

    Communism is an Authoritarian ideology responsible for 60-100M corpses in the 20th century. Repeated around the world it's reproduced the same murderous results.

  5. Wow amazing video ! I'm Cuban and I'm so happy that you enjoyed my country . It's great that you got to see a more raw Cuba and not the all touristy places . As you said the beauty of Cuba is it's people ! Thank you for showing a little part of Cuba to others .❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. The closing monologue on each of your travelogue is leaving my heart filled n tears rolling down. Keeping it so real is the charm n USP of your videos. I'm so grateful for these videos from you. Such an emotional journey through your eyes n your presence in these wonderful places! Thank you. Xo

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