Exploring A Decayed Abandoned House In The City

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33 thoughts on “Exploring A Decayed Abandoned House In The City”

  1. Well, another Epic explore!!! You, Dave and Carlo are due for another great adventure together. I like the way the three of you guys can go to the same place and give complete different interesting views of a place. Plus you guys always share your fines with each other!!!

  2. Nice house in a ghastly kind of way with the peely-wally look. Exploring looks interesting, but it could be dangerous at the same time. There could be some weird guys lurking in the house, waiting to pounce on whom is consider as an intruder. Being bold is not good enough. Be prepared and safe. I love the video. It's ravaged to the core. Thanks Riddim Ryder. Keep on exploring.

  3. The basement and the sub basement had a door to the outside? A little bit strange house, like they tried to reconstruir or expand it during the decades?
    Thanjs for the video, especially the sub basement.

  4. Wow! What a beautiful home at one time. It looks like it had been added on to many times, to bad they never put a new roof on it,could have saved it. Thank you for the excellent video!

  5. It is built strangely but it seems to have been renovated to accommodate more than one family.Has some neat things about it but that much decay kinda creeps me out. Interesting. Good job.

  6. This place gives me very bad vibes. Maybe cuz its so chopped up. There's no natural flow to the rooms. Bathrooms next to bathrooms?! Something's wrong with this ugly house. Very bad vibes!

  7. That was hard to watch, such lovely big rooms and just rotted away, it's sad to think that someone once really loved that house and now it's just a shell 😕

  8. You can really find these abandoned places thank you for not distroying or taking things from these property’s also it may seem weird but the main thing I love about your vlogs is not having to listen to a lot of swearing thank you and I hope you are wearing a mask stay safe and you are so good at these vlogs please keep going

  9. Wow awesome house. Great examples of mid century modern architecture…maybe built on top of an earlier structure…because you are right that large wooden post seemed old as did some of the foundation and sub basement cement. Loved all the stonework and cool fireplaces. They don't build houses like that anymore, wish they did or that it could be filled with a happy family. Great and enjoyable find!!

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