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  1. YouTube has now become a vehicle to get people to click on Instagram, apparently. I thought social media was supposed to be supplementary to actual content.

  2. I personally don't like to give my hopes out too much on Social Media. I mean being Famous in a World of Spies and Lies is a lot different than being Famous on Social Media. People who are not Nice, Say, "Hey this stuff is Liked by Brian, We should __________ We Should _____________ ." I think you would only have to look at my video of God Destroying the Two Trade Towers to see I have strong Political Views when God's place in Society is Concerned.
    Having Said All that I will try. I really like this….. The Phone…. I went to the Instagram Page and watched "The Rest," I… Would…. Enjoy… Seeing… this… As… Episodes…
    I personally am even surprized at the "Lack of," experimentation with "Phones Etc." I mean We are all 52' right !? We've all seen ___________ and _____________ and what is supposed to be possible with "The Technology of The Future," Now that the Future Exists, watching a video that is "Futuristic," is only Natural… SuperNatural, Spiritual, Spirits, Haunted, Ghost, Poltergeist, ________ , _____________…. I mean Who knows where this is Going !? I'm not actually asking who knows… Their is a Letter A a Number 1 and a ___________ , Which one most likely has the Value of 11 ?

  3. Coincidentally, I was binge watching Sam and Colby exploring haunted houses, saw the other lgbt youtubers explore haunted houses, and now here I am xD watching the two coincide.

  4. Dang I was really hoping you would get cursed with a giant fat ass and wish that you hadn’t wished for one 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 Maybe like a take on Scary Movie. Why is my mind like this!?

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