Greece (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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47 thoughts on “Greece (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide”

  1. Thanks of the video travel of Greece, this country is a beautiful place, I am proud of the Greek people and its culture, thanks them, we have a great influence in all aspects of the life.

  2. I just checked to be sure, and found that it's not a national park that's found in Athens, such as Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Snowdonia, or Banff, but a national garden, as in where they put flowers–2 entirely different places.

  3. It is sad when countries like Britain, France and Germany who stole a lot of Greece's antiques or were sold to by the ottoman, and refuse to give them back, whereas they give back everything to china and anyone else….

  4. greece deserves everything that's coming to them.
    they have a racist party that wants black people and Asians out. this is fucking 2016 and people still tolerate these no good, old, dirty politicians.

  5. Why Greece doesn't pay debts?
    Remember Greece owes:
    20 billion € to ECB
    25 billion € to Spain
    32 billion € to IMF 
    34 billion € to other eurozone
    37 billion € to Italy
    42 billion € to France
    57 billlion € to Germany

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