How to Sell Travel Photos to a Magazine

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39 thoughts on “How to Sell Travel Photos to a Magazine”

  1. Great video and very interesting. By the way I loved the article you did for The Star travelling on the boat and attempting to string your hammock. Just makes you want to experience it for yourself, or not…

  2. Thanks, these videos certainly help bring focus to what I should be doing. Honestly I've been doing this kind of work for the military for a decade, but the marketing has always been done for me. This will give me the chance to get doing this on my own.

  3. Hey Brendan, just got to say this is a amazing and very insightful video. Thanks and If you ever come to Kruger National Park again, hit me up.. Ill show you the best spots around.

  4. I do! I honestly would love to be a travel photographer. Though rejection is a major part of the game, the effort and the experience I would gain from building the material to pitch is enough to motivate me to try. I've much to learn but that's the fun of it all. Thanks for the video and the information.

  5. Got a question about pitching… do you pitch that same story to various magazines at once? If so, what happens if you get two that accept your article/ photos? Is it ok to have the same story/ photos in two separate magazines or do you have to give that story out exclusively? Hope my question makes sense

  6. Great info man. Ive made it to print a few times but am still very much working things out, I appreciate you sharing your experience! Have you ever had issues submitting the same work to multiple editors at the same time? I know some wont accept submissions that are under consideration elsewhere but is that not always the case?

  7. Hi from your photo shooting buddy on the Elephant Mountain (Xiang Shan). I love your pictures of CKS Memorial Hall (Freedom square?!? they call it now?), especially 'cause I know how difficult weather and light were. Since I whitnessed how you recorded part of your video, I am amazed what you made out of it and the plannig that all the cuts must have taken. On they point and relevant from first to last minute. All the best for you and may you crack the 200k followers soon!

  8. Well young Brendon great vlog valuable info! Ive been in and out of photography for about 40 years and now being retired Ive started doing editorial and commercial stock and now starting to make a small return each month. Jings had to be thick skinned as rejection is the norm nowadays. Haven't sent stuff into magazines as yet (I'm a coward) but will need to think about it. Strangely enough the editorial stuff is selling well but one thing to add is the editing process as well. I have to use photomechanic to cull and add meta data as doing in Lightroom for an old duffer like me is hard work on the eyes. At the end of the day its a passive income and keeps me fit.

  9. Brendan awesome stuff, the meat and potatoes.. Is it possible for you to link a couple of the stores/photos that went to publication, that we could look at it for better understanding of the final product?

  10. Great video with such good info man. You are absolutely right about shooting a hero shot, followed by the details. I’ve sold some photos to magazines and every time it’s with an article I’ve written. A photo essay with several different types of shots and shooting with a purpose is huge. I love these types of videos!

  11. Thanks for this very informative step-by-step guide to selling our work to magazines and newspapers! Many people can benefit from this. Good luck on your submissions!

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