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37 thoughts on “HOW VIABLE IS A CAREER IN TRAVEL VLOGGING? w/ Aly from PsychoTraveller”

  1. Been watching your channel for a minute now and just subscribed. I recently visited Chang Mai when I was in Thailand and was blown away by all it had to offer. Been loving the collaborations you have been doing and looking forward to see where you go next. I make similar content so if you have a second check it out I always like to hear others creators thoughts. Keep the videos coming and ill keep watching. Thanks!

  2. It's really weird to hear an Australian accent and an English accent in the same video as a southern American (USA). I enjoy the difference in the English language after moments like this. Thanks Chris for talking to my favorite travel vlogger :D.

  3. Great tips! As someone who hopes to ONE DAY be a travel vlogger, this is very useful. Currently I am in the awkward stages of just beginning and trying to figure out what type of content I want to create before actually traveling starting September. And just getting comfortable in front of the camera. Tons of researching, note taking, and learning as I go at this point!

  4. Does Ally post a blog post for every single one of her daily vlogs? I'm finding it hard to keep my blog updated with my daily YouTube content. Awesome interview btw! Everything Ally says is so relatable and honest!

  5. Loved this Chris, great interview! You have a new subscriber 🙂 Big psychotraveller fan, as she is one of the few YouTubers that inspired me to start travel vlogging. You have just asked Aly all the questions I have ever wanted to! Thank you!!

  6. nice interview. I like her stuff, its a bit more indepth than the standard 22 year old traveling for the first time who is now a travel blogger/guru constantly posting instagram pics with overused slogans like "travel is the only thing you can spend money on that makes you richer". So many people think that this surface level parroting of the same old stuff that 99% of travel bloggers re-post is going to make them rich. the "learn to make money online" niche is full of the same stuff too, people who decide to start making money online by…..making a course on how to make money online…lol. This is why I like your channel, you go deeper than most in these 2 niches.

  7. To Ali's point though, the reason Christian kept his views up and continued to build his audience after his break from travelling is probably mostly due to 3 things.

    1- Information Vlogs (money, sponsorships, behind the scenes, etc)
    2- Thumbnails (Using his Girlfriend)
    3- Click Bait Titles.

    It was impressive to watch for sure.

    Props to all of you.
    Love all of your channels.


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