Justin Bieber Pretends He Bought A Private Jet

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37 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Pretends He Bought A Private Jet”

  1. go back to Canada you little shit stop pretending to own everything like a stupid bitch

    if you didn't want to look like an autistic child you should just fucking BUY IT!!! all you care about is trying to look cool but in my opinion you look like a douche bag.

  2. She, and HollywoodLife clearly have no idea what they are talking about. A $60 million jet is a good investment for someone of a net worth of $200 million. Jets are expensive no matter who you are and most people who would buy that caliber of jet are around $150 million and up in net worth.

  3. A G-IV doesn't cost that much. They are in the market for about 5 to 8 million dollars, even a newer G550 doesn't cost that much…. I call this bs from that reporter. Get your facts straight before you bash somebody in public.
    Not saying he is not pretending to own something he doesn't. But they are implying he just couldn't possibly afford it.
    If you love on the road as much as this singers do. A private jet investment may not be such a bad idea.

  4. justin could buy anything he want stop lying bitch you wish you could be as rich as him this private jet costs him 19M not 60M stop lying stop lying! and his networth now around 400M

  5. He wouldn't have had to pay cash for an asset of this scale. He could finance it with a small amount of capital down, pay it down for a few years and sell it for slightly less than the purchase price. In that way he would not pay anywhere near $60m for this plane.

  6. Don't get me wrong I'm a Justin fan. He has a great voice an everything. He took a turn for the bad lately and all you butthurt beliebers out there are stupid to defend him. He literally spat on some of you lol… Anyways. Bye 🙂

  7. i think Hollywood Life should talk more about good thing on celebrities bc for real they are,most of the time, talking shit… and btw CAN U ALL STOP SAYING THAT JUSTIN IS BAD AND STUF BC HE DID A LOT OF GOOD THINGS IN HIS LIFE!!!!!! SO LEAVE HIM ALONE

  8. How do YOU know that His estimated wealth is right he is one of the most popular people on this planet and he has done world turs movies albums….If YOU are So stupid and YOU don't remember most of the people used to adore him 2 years ago !!!

  9. I mean no harm but I'm kinda sorry. So young and much too quickly slipped into the bottom of power and wealth. The impacts are inevitable. Everything has its award live in. Not money and good looks alone makes it out in life. With it's a lot to make money and the business of the music industry is booming. He is just one of many which are mediated wrong values
    Poor, rich boy

  10. Justin doesn't need cars, houses or whatever to be cool. He's simply amazing.. Now as for all these shit haters are talking about, they're just shit. That's what haters do. Now excuse me but maybe he is going a little too far but guess what, I got 150 euros for XMas and I felt like the richest person ever, imagine what 80 million dollars can do. 

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