MCM Elegante Hotel and Event Center – Albuquerque Hotels, New Mexico

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One thought on “MCM Elegante Hotel and Event Center – Albuquerque Hotels, New Mexico”

  1. My wife and I travel a lot, Pittsburgh, Hartford, Quantico, Washington, Tampa, Daytona, Arizona, California, and the list goes on. Look at my FB. This place is by far the worst! Dead body on the street right in front of the hotel the first night we stayed, rooms outdated, plumbing in my room was a joke… Took me five minutes to finally adjust the hot and cold water to warm… We were told that we couldn't cook hot dogs for our soccer team by the building and if we wanted to we would have to do it in the parking lot. Oh and did I mention the meth heads that congregate in the parking lot.. yup they are there! All day. Don't believe me. Stay one night and you will see. We ended up leaving after one night and going to another hotel. (Holiday Inn Express) down the street.. oh and Jessica the "Desk Manager" yeah she's rude, and a LIAR! She promises one thing then says she never said that when she call the GM. The whole thing was horrible. ABSOLUTELY NEVER AGAIN. 😎 LESSON LEARNED.

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