Motor and Side Talk Peace With Pastor, Gnauch From Nuneworld BIP

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39 thoughts on “Motor and Side Talk Peace With Pastor, Gnauch From Nuneworld BIP”

  1. All these dudes snitch on each other get on IG or Twitter or Facebook bragging man bunch of fucking idiots you think the mafia does that shit or the cartel no cause they are not trying bring back police and make it look like a who dunnit

  2. Yo bro you said before Pappy has no bodies then you made video later on saying he used to do hits wit Munchie so what’s the truth shit nvm shouldn’t be asking you df 🤣🤣😆😭 I ain’t no hater I just point out facts and I would like to kno truth on that shit but everyone know pappy was real life savage

  3. Pastor seem like he more interested in promoting himself than "stoppin the violence" – if you are trying to intervene in a situation as crazily sensitive as this one and actually bring up getting both sides together, do you really need to put it on camera? That's just making the situation worse imo….Pastor Brooks may have good intentions subconsciously, but he more about himself

  4. How old is this. Dog wasn't on peace i can see it in his face. But shit i got dead cuzzins an friend's since 94. Stay out the way thats it. If we make 24 then you better open ya eyes. I went to prison kinda saved me iont no DC different we ont got gangs like that

  5. Dog u order da James bond jaws mouth off Amazon yet foo. You trippin aids mouth u sound like my toothless unk all da wind when you talk boiii. But whole time the 007 Jaws mouth be hard as fuk bro nigga be scary of you frfr swear you got da vemon symbiot inside u. Im hungry 😂😂😂

  6. Twan was running his mouth on social media! He actually made comments about sliding on folks for Motor and Side!

    The cops are watching all of the obvious nonsense on social media!
    These guys are ALWAYS outing themselves! 🤦‍♂️

  7. Only way to end all that shit goin on out there is to do what they did to my city (Oakland,CA) and thats GENTRIFY all the neighborhoods out there. If yall niggas cant figure out a solution to stop all that dumb shit then best believe the government will. Before you know it all you Chi niggas will be living in small towns in Illinois or be living in some country towns in Indiana & Missourri and hoods like Stl and Oblock will be rebuilt and white folks, hispanics, and asians will fill yall neighborhoods.

  8. Glad you played that video about trying to get them doing something positive for their future….not that fucking hard to get into labor union in chicago and if ur black its really easy…alot of these dudes come from broken homes and lack those kind of basic skills to even make those connections. Rest up moter and side

  9. RIP to Motor and Side.

    Idk how to get that to end. Don't know that it can. I was caught up in a beef that started before I was born and is still ongoing in NYC. Just ain't as hot cause the other side mostly fell off. But I could never be ok with those guys. Just can't. Too many people lost. Some I cared about a whole lot. And I don't believe they could ever be good with us. So we mostly just stay out each others way since there's so few of em now and new enemies have stepped up to that #1 spot. Same was true when I was in Memphis. The beef there started before I moved there but eventually one of my close homies was killed. So I ain't ever been able to forgive it. And when I went to FL the beef there was as old as me. Idk how ya fix street 101 and 102 from beefing especially when there's mad bodies on each side. But hey, I just made friends with a King and didn't think that would ever happen and one of my good homies in the Chi is the son of a VL so I'm makin progress lol

  10. U a good dude.
    Didntt wish harm on those who wished you harm
    Are open to suicidal needs
    (Although he couldve just walked thru the hood) u a good dude RIP motor & side

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