Pack with Me || 3-Day Trip to Chicago

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20 thoughts on “Pack with Me || 3-Day Trip to Chicago”

  1. This video makes me more excited. I’m packing everything into a book bag and have already tried out how I’m gonna pack. But it was nice seeing someone packing as well. Can’t wait to see your concert videos.
    I’m gonna attend both MetLifes so I’m really excited. ☺️

  2. I sincerely hope you see this message before you leave….Take a sweatshirt or thick hoodie! The stadium is right off the lake and it will get cold once the sun sets. I know it gets cold in Texas, but there's Texas cold and Great Lakes cold, which is a whole different ball game. Take care and maybe I'll see you at Soldier Field on Saturday!

  3. You're a pro at packing, that packing cube seems super helpful. The concert I'll attend is still three weeks away, but I am starting to get VERY NERVOUS.

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