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  1. Plus the number 33 is a massive I mean massive illuminati freemason number! There are 33 degrees in masonry but 32 is the highest 33 is an honor not everyone gets! There showing the starting of the illuminati in the gta universe!.

  2. Yea I think the drawling is about going from gta to rdr2! But I think rdr2 is going to teach us more about how to learn with some physical things ! But in all some how we need to be caught up because I dont think this is the end either! It will take us another 2 yrs to get this game ! But alot of us are on board and it helps us see more ! But I actually think that there secrets that we can do here and in gta ! I still believe in the red dingy and the eagle dropping the red dingy in the mt gordo lake! And hitting waters in the sky ! But only a few have tried it! And if it was fake then why does it have to be RED" SO some epsilon magic can happen in this game too ! We might have missed something very big in the first rd

  3. Notice how when you return to the cabbin the mission is called Geology for Begginers II. The name is not important,the important thing is that this is actually part 2 of the mission. Most of the missions that are related to eachother and with the same name are 3 parts. Im sure that there is more into that and an actual 3 part. Im so freakin hyped.

  4. May be a bit late with this, but have you met the "forest king" or whatnot? He says something about monarchy and whatnot, but when he says he is a king, does he mean a king to the trees? In one of the Verses of this "religion" doesn't it say certain people can speak to trees? Not sure if it's related, just a speculation.

  5. Hi friend, im working on this Video too, of course with full credit to you. I wonder how you calculate the 157 Years because rdr is in 1899. He is 33 so if i have 1866-2013 it is 147 Years. i might got iit wrong so i wanted to ask. Thank you!

  6. That's really strange and interesting. Francis definitely seems to be from the early 1930's. Besides his clothing, he uses a lot of words and phrases that were popular at the time. The fact that he appears to have have connection to the Epsilon cult only makes things more strange, especially considering red hair is supposed to be a bad thing.

  7. ihihihi the card has an hourglass with wings 🙂 Time flies to a time traveller xD I manage to look at the carvings on another video…. The big poster is made from the pieces you mailed, right? I think future Francis, makes you mail the carvings to his dad, Tom (to not meet his parents, on this timeline?). But Tom's dead a year ago… so it was his Mother that put the poster together? 🙂

  8. ROCK CARVINGS OF BLIMP (Like a Blimp) =

    A Zeppelin?

    (I Remember) First Flight in 1900, construction started in 1899.

    Knowledge worked on since 1874ish by Germans. (Zeppelin might be Unlockable)

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