Red Dead DAILY # 32 : How To Unlock Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2 (Get Fast Travel Guide)

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10 thoughts on “Red Dead DAILY # 32 : How To Unlock Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2 (Get Fast Travel Guide)”

  1. One question, Buddy, please…. I play much less since some years, but as a painter / graphic designer, i like playing some games just for enjoying graphic design, landscape, environment, etc etc… so, here, with this one, instead of riding a horse all the time, would it be possible to go from one point to another one just by walking, trekking ?…. (eventually with a horse carrying my stuff).
    I think so, but would appreciate your thought, or from viewers.
    Thx dudes.

  2. Tony StrongStyle, Could you please make a video about how to set up First Person Mode settings? After I adjusted these, the FPS mode has become my favorite way to play Red Dead 2. Let me explain… the way the settings are now are clunky and jarring. You need to set the control scheme to FPS and go into the camera and turn the Auto Leveling off. This allows you to control the character the same way you would in a Battlefield game. There is no more clunkiness and it brings up the enemies close to where you can see the gruesome effects of your shots. It also allows you to see what you're aiming at because the 3rd Person mode has the camera so far back that it's hard to see your target. Plus, while you're aiming in FPS mode, mash down on your D Pad and you will aim DIRECTLY DOWN YOUR SIGHTS. This is BY FAR the most fun way to play and shoot in Red Dead. YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT to see what I'm talking about. You can purchase different and unique gun sights at the Gunsmith and aiming down your sights is the only way to enjoy your new sight. Plus, it's realistic and much more fun! (I have it set up where it switches to 3rd person mode when I get on my horse because this is the where that mode fits and works best. When I get off my horse, it automatically switches back to First Person)

  3. Not sure how far in you are, but how are you up to $3,400 in cash? I'm about 4 hours in & having trouble making cash…did you use Bounties or Selling Meat/Animals/Pelts to do it quicker?

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