Red Ice Live – Birthright Israel: The Free Sex Vacation for Young Jews

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37 thoughts on “Red Ice Live – Birthright Israel: The Free Sex Vacation for Young Jews”

  1. If red ice is against Israel why they support trump?? The most pro Israel president? He even let Jews to celebrate Hanukkah in the white house and he recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

  2. Hey, for the record, there are a LOT of Arabs with Israeli citizenship, so it isn't a pure ethnic state. And there are a good number of RUSSIANS who pretended t be Jewish to get out of Russia when it was still the U.S.S.R. It is a pretty small place. Focus on an ethnic state–Iowa or Utah come to mind, for white people in the U.S. Wyoming, too, but that is much harsher. This is kind of like church groups, if you can see it, who want young people to learn their religious background and identifying. Sort of makes sense, even if one doesn't like it. And by the way, there is no religious reason to bear a grudge against Jews. JESUS opened up a NEW covenant with God to Gentiles. Christians are now Chosen People, too. Red Ice needs to work with his home country. The Swedes are getting overrun in a way the U.S. is not.

  3. Why do most Jews in the world look Eastern or Central European? Because they are. Most Jews today have mitochondrial DNA (through the mother, exactly like Jewishness is through the mother) from Central or Eastern Europe. So there's that. No bloodline. Sorry, folks. But good job keeping the faith alive. Credit where due. Yeah. But you're White Like Me.

  4. Can you believe that I worked for the Bronfman nephew, didn't have a clue who is was. Why not speak on the Zionist threat to the US and other countries. I loved your EUROPA and have recommended it to so many. I am surprised it has gotten more views. It was totally on spot.

  5. This seems to be a very fake hypocritical racist and bigoted propaganda to bash more Jewish people. I am very happy that these young people can get free trips to their historical country.
    All this is a disgusting fake racist and bigoted news.

  6. Oy gevalt. L'gamreh. I was an unwitting counselor for this program eventually banished for speaking out against the hookup aspect in the most gentle of terms. Essentially for being me. No less than accused of witchcraft for my interest in Jewish mysticism and certain phenomenon surrounding me shall we say.

    Part of my assumed duties included running the laundry for a birthright hostel. These rich kids would occasionally wander in wanting to use the machines. It was remarkable how unfamiliar with the equipment they were. My director commented, I've got news for you. Most of their mothers don't know how to do laundry.

    I stumbled into this situation at the age of 46 while backpacking around Israel. It was fun being around young people my kids' age. Caring and being supportive. The youthful energy. A summer camp for college kids from mostly Anglo countries in the Holy Land. The first part of my banishment was to get me out of the hostel and make me manager of a hotel dedicated to visiting parents and donors.

    Occasionally a young hottie would be sent over to help me vacuum n make beds.After a night of birth righting, these young ladies would typically throw themselves down on one of the beds suggestively to rest up and recover from their hangovers. Couldn't get much work out of them. Kind of an incriminating setup I thought. A perk. Never took the bait. Wisely. Never dove right in.

  7. meanwhile Sweden is a fuck fest in the snow, where the people have had a well earned reputation as loose since the sixties, people around the world take home souveniers from their holidays abroad, the swedish women still take home the waiters with them instead, Red ice, you are plain uneducated antisemites, just own it instead of spreading BS in order to justify you being biggotted, own it and I`ll respect you more for it.

  8. Sexual intercourse should only be done for the purpose of reproduction. Sexual reproduction for pleasure is sinful and wasteful of life energy.

    So only have sex with each other to reproduce and save the white race through sheer power of will.

    Maybe some violence too.

  9. Wish you could wear some makeup and good quality wear, we want to see your beautiful white best. That trailer trash brown sofa needs to go too. Wish he could grow up out his fascist symbols and looks.

  10. Racism is the belief that your race is superior to other races. Therefore, Jews are the most racist people on Earth. They are taught from birth that they are the chosen people. If this belief is part of your makeup, your inner self, than it would be natural to feel superior to others.

  11. This is disgusting. No wonder people are so messed up in this world. Can't watch jews lie to the world and themselves. They are not saved. They are worshippers of Beelzebub which is a demon.

  12. "Birthright Israel" is judaism, NOT THE HOLY BIBLE. People wonder why the LORD doesn't trash these lousy jews off His Holy Land?

    Jews are the Esau's of this world. They lost their birthright into Heaven, so they stole the Holy Land in the earth from the Holy Ghost. They are having wild sex parties all over it, and the Christians are saying the Jews should have the Holy Land?

    I say this is why there is a New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven, and the Jews and Christians which support jews are NOT INVITED.

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