Should you Invest in a Rental Property or a House Flip First?

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23 thoughts on “Should you Invest in a Rental Property or a House Flip First?”

  1. Hey Mark, I’m a bartender so on paper it looks like I don’t make much. I do really well, but it’s all cash. So I don’t qualify for much. What do you suggest for private or hard money loans? Thanks

  2. What would the disadvantage(s) to buying a rental property with cash be? For example if I have a few hundred 1000 in the market I wanted to convert to rentals for passive income. I would I be better off purchasing a few 2-3 rental properties without a loan or would it be better to take loans on properties?

  3. Just found your channel and subscribed 👍. Like how your straight to the point and not all the fufu shit just to get people to buy their AMAZING program lol. But is there really a way to start with very little or no money? Like how hard is it to get a hard money loan for your first time? Is the only way to actually just find a solo investor? Is credit and income a major factor in hard/private money loans? Or if you just have like 5-10 grand what would be the best way to start?

  4. I really appreciate all the videos , your blog and website you make for us to educate ourselves On the real estate business , I really wish you could be my mentor and I can shadow you so I can learn more

  5. Rentals – I've aimed at ~120-130 ARV and Offer between 90-100k – Repairs in order to get about 20-30% equity in the deal so I can refinance my money out later. I'm in my 3rd contract now, current deal show comps for 3/1 at ~126-136k and I offered 95k and accepted, very little repairs mainly cosmetic.

  6. What are your thoughts on using a HELOC vs. Home Equity loan for a Duplex down payment? The particular property I'm looking at is only 10,000 below market value but cash flows 300 a month with a HELOC and about 150 a month with a home equity loan. There's maybe 3000 in repairs needed. Just wondering what your opinion of the two financing options was.

  7. If you'd ever like to get more residentials out of state, I could work with you on it. I have a great area with A tenants and can buy straight off mls and rent for twice the note and within just a few days of vacancy.

  8. What do you consider a good Cash on cash return for a rental if it is paid in full without a mortgage??

    Also if a rental is paid in full upfront, what do you consider a good amount of time to recoup 100% of your initial investment through rental income??

  9. Thanks Mark… patiently waiting for my first investment. Want to flip foreclosures while patiently waiting for single family homes with mother-in-laws to buy as rentals. Just got two of your books and will busy reading them this week! Thanks again

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