Staying At The WORST Reviewed Hotel In Louisiana…. (1 STAR) *DISGUSTING*

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46 thoughts on “Staying At The WORST Reviewed Hotel In Louisiana…. (1 STAR) *DISGUSTING*”

  1. He thinks that towel was bad on a chruch trip we had to change hotels suddenly and went to the new hotel and it was in a sus part of Nashville and the hotel was like all slanted rails in the stairs we're falling apart room smelled like some (heavily) I didn't want to move the sheets didn't trust it. My sis slept on the floor one of the girls hopped right under the covers and passed out. Me I brought my own 3 towels and just some old clothes Sept on the towels and left my PJ there keep my suitcase on top of the TV stand under and in also on top of plastic bags Also at 2 30 a man tapped on our door and then bagged on our friends door yelled at us case the other girl looked out the window he basically said we we running around when we never did move case the whole time I was there I kept my shoes on then my aunt took a shower and went to dry off and on the towel was black little hairs all over the towel she took another shower and just didn't dry off plus it was cold and our air who not turn off I mean it was like 30 degrees outside and were freezing and also breakfast was old powder dounuts cereal no milk and then no juice or water. It was so sus we had ever light on the whole night then they charged us 75 dollars extra for all the rooms for breakfast!

  2. Am I the only one who wants to go there and clean the hell out of it, like replace the mattresses, take out all of the cigarette buds, replace the sheets, and replace the furniture

  3. I’ve been to that hotel before my family and I spent one night everything was bad, The staff had a nasty Attitude, there were Roaches all in the bathroom, there was mold everywhere in the bathroom the bathtub had roaches in it 🤢

  4. That is nasty as hell. 😷😧 omg my mum would flip and make a scene if she saw that.. She would complain about how nasty this place is dam.. Hey at least we've got you to review how nasty some hotels/motels are.. 😜 Love you Brennen and Jake.. Xx all the best..

  5. That's not blood on the bed. It's too tan or to red. If it was dry blood, it would be darker and thicker. Those bright red spots, it's probably a drink or nail polish. Too bright to be blood

  6. Omg when you flipped the mattress, I didn't think I was gonna make it through the video. I made it through but the toilet, just disgusting. They probably don't even employ housekeepers.😖😱😷😩

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