The Bellagio Las Vegas – A COMPLETE REVIEW of HOTEL and CASINO

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38 thoughts on “The Bellagio Las Vegas – A COMPLETE REVIEW of HOTEL and CASINO”

  1. I stayed in the penthouse suite and I had the best experience of my life. The food was great everywhere and the service was great. It seemed like every employee tried to cater to my needs

  2. I stayed at the bellagio during Christmas in 2017. I had a queen fountain view room. Not comped. I paid over $2,000 for the room. It was LOUD. The Cromwell club on the rooftop at night and the fountain noise was loud. I must say I was disappointed…

  3. Love your tips. I had an offer for the Wynn 6 nights and 700.00 in slot play, So I contacted my host from Palazzo, he was able to give me the same offer so we will be staying at the Palazzo in June

  4. Great review. I cant believe…well I can… someone would have the balls to actually motion for a tip. I stayed at the Bellagio long time ago when it was still considered The place in Vegas. They need to wake up and realize that they are not the finest game in town anymore. Other properties are offering more for less.

  5. "O" is a great show!!! It's been there forever. We went to it on our honeymoon in 2000!!! We were given free front row seats for our Honeymoon which was great but they are in the "wet zone!! when they do the diving they were in an area where the water may splash!! Luckily we didn't end up wet!!! We were absolutely blown away by the show. It was our first time in vegas and our very first show and we couldn't have been more pleased with it!!!

  6. Another great video! You are either stressed, busy or have been working out because you look thinner haha (: love your work
    I totally agree with the tipping comment!!! My wife and I went to a restaurant and we got asked for a tip when we were paying. The meal was average and that tip comment really pissed me off!!! Not needed

  7. Good to see you back tig, hope your familys health matters are improving. Enjoyed your review, stayed there once, before the dreaded resort fees came along!. Due to go back to vegas later this year, not sure where to stay yet, All the best from the uk

  8. All the strip hotels have resort fees. Can’t get away from it. As far as the toilet I would never put up with that crap. I’d be getting another room ASAP by hung back to front desk manager.

  9. I would have told the Bellboy to pound sand anyway and then reported him to a manager, I am a generous tipper myself when the service is good but I will not tip for outward rudeness

  10. Another great video sir! Thank you for all the time you take to relay all this info to the viewers. You are in essence our "boots on the ground". Completely agreed with several points made, especially the value on the base rooms @ bellagio. There are MUCH nicer base rooms on the strip for that price. Just booked my flight for June 9-13. Hotel yet to be set in stone. Heading out with my girlfriend, our daughter, mom and gram. Very excited about the upcoming cosmo review. Classy move sir. Hope all is well with you and the family! Take care.

  11. Glad youre back on the channel, Tig. I know you've had business and a bunch of personal stuff with family that you mentioned in previous videos. I still wish you the best of luck with all of that. Your family is in my thoughts as always. Anyway, glad to have you back entertaining us all. Cheers my friend!

  12. sweet. looking at booking trip to vegas next month, will watch this before i choose. its either mgm (cause i need to get some sun while down there and i love the river pool) or the bellagio for me.

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