Travel to the Philippines and Meet this Orphan Kid. Life of a Peasant Filipino Living in Poverty

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49 thoughts on “Travel to the Philippines and Meet this Orphan Kid. Life of a Peasant Filipino Living in Poverty”

  1. This film was shot on May 2, 2019.

    This is the 2nd team. 2 teams now: Peachy's team and Cesar's team. The more teams: The faster we can reach/help people.

    Cesar will be back to grant Nina's wish.

    To anyone who wants to contribute/donate for Nina's wish: Donate through crowdfunding.

    Our GoFundMe account:

    Our YouTube channel:

    Our facebook group page:

    E-mail us at:

    Thanks again guys!

    Sincerely Yours,


  2. The new "interviewer" you have chosen does not have any camera presence or show any compassion during the course of the interview. Its sad…I would show your channel to my kids while teaching them the value of compassion and giving back, but we will not e watching his videos.

  3. Oo favorite nya dahil nakasanayan nya noong nasa pinas p sya yan Ang Hindi nya Nakalimutan n kainin halos nauubos nya Ang binibili k s asean store.mark naranasan k Ang buhay ng mag Lola ng Kami ay mga Bata p.

  4. Although they live in the province and poor but at least they have bigger space and simple but clean area. Better than those who moved to the city and became illegal settlers over dirty river.

  5. At times the way Cesar asked question was like interrogating someone, or maybe it was the tone of his voice. Should show more of his humane side.

  6. Im also like that in 1990…but in era 2000 why still many poor family..thats why we called rich people more rich…poor people more poor..u should choosed president that can make their community better life. At least have job with standart salary,house,eletric,good water…but more importantly is job..

  7. People, calm down and give Cesar a chance. It's his first interview for goodness sake. I'm sure he'll only get better and comfortable as he gains more experience. The more teams and volunteers helping the better.

  8. I just want to say I really admire the they keep their clothes so clean and bright. I sure would like to know what they use, just curious.
    I hope they get some help real soon. I also notice how nice and obedient their children are, you would never know they are hungry.

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