TRAVEL VLOG EP : 3 || DWP 2015 || Jovi Hunter

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49 thoughts on “TRAVEL VLOG EP : 3 || DWP 2015 || Jovi Hunter”

  1. I watch it twice and now i miss my uncle he's like u but with the pixie cut hair, he's so funny like u, he's so kind and i'm jealous… u wear make up better than me ๐Ÿ™ i love u now.. i'm ur fan now, please accept me

  2. Yg komen disini kebanyakan anak kecil goblok yg mungkin baru2 aja pny HP dan ga dpt perhatian dr orang tua ( kasian bgt sih dek ), terus org2 kampung yg ga sosialisasi rendah ( ke kota gih sis cari temen yg banyak ), terus orang2 sok alim yg ceramah gini gitu ( urusin hidup masing2 aja bro, dosa jovi bukan urusan elu, dan surga jg blm tentu jd punya elu ), terus orang2 yg berpendidikan rendah, ga diajarin org tuanya tata krama dan sopan santun. Dan orang2 BUTA yg masih nanya kak jovi cewek apa cowok.. KASIAN BGT LO PADA hahaha!! Mending sekolah yg bener, banyak2 ngaca shay perbaikin diri ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Kak jovi aku baru liat vlognya yg ini telat banget haha vlog favorite aku dan udh aku subscribed juga. kak jov dwp taun ini aku pengen banget ktmu kak jovi krna kusuka bgt dteng k acara dwp. I hope we can met up together. Anyway stay gorgeous for ya! โคโค

  4. hi everyone, can any one of you tell me which part of this video that emerges hatred towards Jovi? I think he's amazing just the way he is, the way he dress is amazing and inspiring, and his hair is fabulous! I'm admiring you Jovi, keep on rockin'! xoxo

  5. Haiii kak jovi, makasih ya udh bikin vlog ini:3 , akhirnya akutau DWP itu kaya apa, bhahahaha, aku -18 and to be honest i don't have much money too buy tickets for DWP, i prefer to buy some food, xoxo. that's all, once again, Thank You!!:) i hope u read this commentt

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