Walt Disney World Planning Video 2017 | Vacation Planning

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33 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Planning Video 2017 | Vacation Planning”

  1. Needed help planning a 2- week trip in early 2019. This video was near useless. It was fairly emotion-driven and did little to help me understand the whole process from booking the flight through Disney, transportation to the hotel, which stays had which perks, etc. At best, it's a drinking game for people who wait to hear the word "Magic" over and over again.

    I'm still going and still booking my trip through Disney, but I'm obviously going to have to rely on more consumer-friendly websites and videos since Disney isn't up to the task of just getting down to some useful facts. This was all fluff.

  2. I met Susan Jonathon (The nice lady who works in the magic kingdom) at Hollywood studios. She picked up a shift there. I dropped by and said hi and she was so sweet. She asked me what my name meant and I didn't know. She said that all names have a special and unique meaning. What a person!

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