क्या सही है?? Diploma या degree in hotel management??

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27 thoughts on “क्या सही है?? Diploma या degree in hotel management??”

  1. I am pursuing Post graduation diploma in hotel operation from Madhya Pradesh state institute of hospitality training bhopal and my eight-month industrial training is { Caspia Hotel Shalimar bagh }Delhi I do not know this hotel is 3 star 4 stars and Some people say this is a budget hotel and
    some reason I did not get a five star hotel for industrial training
    But I would like to work in a Five Star Hotel
    After finishing industrial training from here, will I get a job in a five star in a job
    Would it be right for me to training from here for my good futures …. Or after finishing industrial training from here, I should do job training in a five star hotel.
    Tell me what I should do because it is been a one month training
    …..Please check to see how this hotel is good for industrial training.( I'm waiting
    for your answer….)

  2. Sir I have been completed my intermediate but I got less marks in inter but I want to be become a chef it's my dream and goal so course can I take to become a chef of a large hotel

  3. I am in this industry last 8year . Without any degree and diploma… Working on supervisor level…that why i told u why not make video in 2009. Thank u all information good.

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