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20 thoughts on “✈️Pack With Me in a Carry On! | Organized Travel 🧳”

  1. I ❤️ Shacke packing bags! They are so awesome.I take several cosmetics and love my large cosmetic case along with my brush bag. It holds all my brushes,eye pencils,eye shadow base,shadows anything that goes on my eyes or brows…so handy.Safe traveling ✈️🛳✈️🛳 thanks for the video!

  2. Here is a concern, suitcases / bags; can get wet, which means all clothes inside get soaked. This happened to me with a downpour of rain in Florida one time. How would YOU deal with ensuring contents are dry in this type of situation. My end I had to connect with someone whom could assist and had all the contents and what I was wearing dried in their dryer. From there on I used plastic big bags in my bags to ensure all was dry. I also used ziplock bags from then on..Any suggestions your end?

  3. I recommend an Amazon Basics USB-C to regular USB-A to charge your switch. Then plug it into your Belkin Surge Protector via USB! That way you don’t have to carry that bulky Switch charger! I used to do that 😎

  4. Wish this worked for me every time i go back my home state from Arizona to New Jersey for one month but you're very Organized and look like this works for my family weekend trips that we go on

  5. I get so sad when I drop my little Pixie off at the vet (for boarding) when I go on a trip. Thank goodness they have a web cam so I can watch her while I'm away! Also, the last time I went away I not only made a list of clothes, I made the list organized by day AND included photos!! I'm betting packing size 2 clothes is a lot easier than packing my size clothes! Packing cubes are the best thing ever — especially my compression cubes! You can fit so much in them!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS for your organization. I loved your backpack, because it has this flap that slaps all zippers. This brings more safety into the backpack. Can you tell me what brand she is and where did she buy it from? very obeyed! I'm from Brazil.🇧🇷

  7. Great video but I was surprised you didn't take just the vitamins you needed for a weekend. Those giant tubs looked like 6 months worth

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