🇦🇹 VIENNA TRAVEL VLOG | First Impressions, A Walking Tour + Trying Schnitzel | EPISODE 1

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9 thoughts on “🇦🇹 VIENNA TRAVEL VLOG | First Impressions, A Walking Tour + Trying Schnitzel | EPISODE 1”

  1. Hi there! I was in Vienna recently, and now I watch Vienna videos online to try and, like, get back there I guess? Haha. I thought it was a pretty city, and your video did a good job showcasing it. The first part of my Vienna vlog just went up, so if you're interested, I'll leave the link and you can check it out. If not, that's fine too, just ignore it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhjo_okRsJk

  2. 3 Cities in 7 days…lets see…Bratislava need 1 – 2d, Budapest 3 – 5d, Vienna not less then 5d for an overview. If u spent the entire time in one city it could have been a nice trip.
    4:20 All about down town Vienna? I doubt that – u could spent a month in the 1st district and not see everything.
    5:30 That is classic example of what I mean! There is a tragic history around that square – long story short, ur basicly walking on a graveyard there. Thats what those sculptures represent. Only seeing them in a hurry neither gives them the time they deserve nor teaches u about the city history.
    6:07 Srsly ur in the city where every European Coffee Culture started from and which has a rich coffee culture to this day and u go for that? no comment.
    8:26 The main body of the church was finished in the 14th century (they began in 13th), the facade and main entrance is over 2 centuries older.
    8:45 Alright u can visit the catacombs, the South Tower, the North Tower and have a guided tour bout the history. U chose the N-Tower and the catacombs, fair. There is unique thing to see there on the tower…aaaaand u missed it, congrats!
    13:41 The real Schnitzel should be young veal. If u don say anything they will give u pork as it is the cheapest meat. Figl got a lil bit too touristy for my taste in the last years, hardly any locals go there anymore – but to each hiis own.
    16:40 Ur bout 5min via subway away from the real Danube.

    4tr I have nothing against u, Im sure ur a nice guy. The critique is not personal, I just get frustrated when ppl with so much good intentions waste their time and effort out of a lack in research and preparation.
    If u add some description or information on the sights u show in the vid it would rly help non-natives to better understand what they r seeing.
    On major attractions in Vienna alone u have missed: Naschmarkt, Parliament, Hundertwasserhouse, Prater (Ferrys Wheel), modern Vienna (Danube Tower), Heurigen.

  3. I miss Viena!
    Beautiful city! Stephanplaz is indeed impressive!
    And gardens of Schönbrunn Palace breathtaking!
    Thank you for the video, Tom! You brought nice memories into my heart/mind!
    Keep up doing a great job!

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