🇪🇹 🇬🇧 Mo Farah in row with Haile Gebrselassie over hotel theft | Al Jazeera English

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50 thoughts on “🇪🇹 🇬🇧 Mo Farah in row with Haile Gebrselassie over hotel theft | Al Jazeera English”

  1. Haile owns the hotel, he doesnt stay there all day to watch it. Thefts can happen anytime. It is SOOO CHEAP sending Haile such a CHEAP text message. This is Sir (!) Mo's true personality….SHAME ON YOU MO!

  2. I do agree that the hotel should make best effort to get to the bottom of thus disgusting level of theft because it's bad both for the client and the business. But I'm more upset by MO Farah because , in business, it's not always the owner that responds. Why is he demanding that Haile responds, instead of someone who represents the hotel like a manager. Just imagine all of us demand that an owner responds every time we are unhappy about some service somewhere. It's unprofessional and unrealistic. What if the owner is unavailable? The only reason Haile would directly talk to MO Fara is courtesy and friendship. I hope this ridiculous act is not real character but a result of his Marathon pressure and once he is calm, he will apologize.

  3. No doubt about it because generally they do not like Somalis and will try to rob them wherever they get the opportunity to do so to show only their hate for Somalis! In the case of Farah, for certainly they will do it as he is among the well-known ones and to make him feel their hate.

  4. This is embarrassing. The police held 5 employees in jail for a week over this matter. If the police are unable to resolve it then what makes you think the general owner can? Just concentrate your energy on running instead of running your mouth.

  5. Mo Farah you chose the wrong guy to attack, attacking Gebrselassie is like attacking Pele in Brazil, Maradona in Argentina, Kipchoge in kenya or Bolt in jamaica, this people are national treasures, Mo you have to apologies, much love to the king Gebrselassie from your Kenyan supporter.

  6. The worst type of kim kardashian here. Never disrespect the Legend and Disciplined Haile Gebreselassie. He did not make it this far living in a privilege.. you idiot!

  7. Mo. Without prompting, you allowed two 'African born brothers' to be hauled onto the world stage to scrabble over hotel bills, money and watches. You are a role model, and Gebrselassie a spokesperson for his impoverish country and people – You trivialise your achievements with mobettes and the like. You should know better than to give the media an opportunity to reduce the achievement of two great athletes. I am embarrassed, but unfortunately not surprised that the first time you have ever said anything controversial is to bad mouth a brother, whose struggles you should appreciate. Shame on you. No earnings can pay for the damage that you have done. Please grow up !!! Our young people need more role models…Not Clowns. Whether you accept it or not – You have a responsibility.

  8. Mo Farah finished his 2019 London 5th. That all he can do. All weeks in and out talks turned to be like up side down for him. He was rushed out of seen at finish line. He should have focused on his training than engaged in unnecessary confrontation.

  9. I think Mo should be band training in Ethiopia. He can not abuse and punch people in their own country and get away with it. Further more why is he training in Ethiopia? He should be training in his own country Somalia. I think he is doing it to get publicity.

  10. farah should still pay his debt . hes a customer not an invited guest . and haile is not responsible for the theft.

    we are poor . our house was robbed while we were in . cops knew who did it . but couldnt arrest them as they couldnt prove it .
    not nice what happpened to mo , but surely his sponsors alone will cover that ?????

  11. Shame on mofarah you are not even on the level of haile gebreelassie. Mofaraha attacked a couple and did not even pay his hotel bill. Shame on you mofaraha

  12. Mo farah is such an idyot selfish man this things happen and it will this is not a big thing even if its happen this is a pure jealousy and evilness any way he is a mad dog we love you haile gebrselassie you are the great one ignore this cheap homeless man confused

  13. He should’ve investigate if he cares his name The hotel must have a cctv camera how come they couldn’t find the thieve and he needs to fire all his works coz they’re going to do it again

  14. Very disappointed by (Both) Mo and Haile. This two millionaire didn’t want to chip in 8k and now the matter is on another level.
    Specially Mo is an Idiot, why did he stay at Haile’s Hotel? Why did he refused to get a ‘Safe’ when they offer ? Why he didn’t pay the $3k bill(well that I can understand) ?
    And finally he poorly stated the issue to the journalist. And did he walk away?
    I used to cheer for him and respect him but I don’t know if I can do the same from now on.

  15. Sir Mo Farah…if i was u than i don't let mr Gabre lose his hotel's reputation. The same applies to mr Gabre, keep ur clients happy while they stay ur hotel. This is a serious claim and could damage badly ur hotel.

  16. I smell something fishy… Why did he go to his hotel out of all the hotels in Ethiopia? The answer is simple he is a jealous M**F** and wanted to destroy his legacy. Jealousy is a sickness I hope he gets well.

  17. A small matter like this escalates to big news, this two gentleman ought to be able to resolve petty issues not before big cameras – its washing dirty linen before the whole world to behold.

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