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  1. ♿️I can’t tell you how excited we are for this trip of a life time. I spent months planning the scavenger hunt for db, with rhyming clues and everything. I had every minor detail planned. Not even my closest friends knew about this trip! However. Db is a little timed at times, and very sensitive. I think every became overwhelming for her and she felt very insecure. Once we got home, and she was back with her beloved dog, she calmed down and was super excited. 

    Im so happy to be taking you along with me. I really hope our videos will brighten your day, and make you feel good. I have lots of “travelling with a disability” videos planed. Airport vlogs etc, so stay subscribed, and any questions or video ideas you have please drop them bellow. xxx

  2. I absolutely LOVE Disney!!! When we lived in California, my wife worked at ABC which is part of the Walt Disney Company, and we had passes for the parks. We used to go to Disneyland (original) at least once a month. If you have any questions, or you want help with ride accessibility tips let me know. My wife has made it her little project to help people work out energy saving routes around the parks that accommodate their particular disability and interests.

  3. Wonderful video! I relate to DB getting overwhelmed with suspense- it happens to the best of us! She’ll forget all about it once she’s at Disney. 🥰

    My question for regarding travel is: how do you ensure your wheelchair stays protected while flying? I’ve heard so many horror stories of baggage handlers damaging chairs, and I’ve been scared to fly because of it! Any tips would be much appreciated. 💖🙏

  4. I've just been away and removed my underseat bag like yours to go through customs. Didn't want anyone ferriting between my knees at customs. Southampton customs made me take everything off my wheelchair on my own. I had a trabasack bag/come been bag tray on the back, a bumbbag/fanny pack attached to the rear, hand luggage and coat off. Then I met up with husband as they split us up and he had been allowed through without removing any of his stuff. I must have looked Dodgy. But I was worried because hubby can't reach anything without me and I couldn't help him at the other side of the room. Hey ho. But when we were away i took footage of Britannia's disabled rooms incase anyone needed it in the future. As there wasn't much on YouTube about it.

  5. I’m so jealous! I haven’t been to Disney World in many years. I want to do an adult trip with my fiancé and see how much fun it is without the kids. I love my kids but I was a single mother when we visited there and it was difficult trying to meet both of their needs while being the only parent. But we still had a blast! One of our most memorable vacations!

  6. I have so much info on Disney for you. You will have a Amazing time, I have a travel Agent that lives in Florida and when I go to the Parks se is often there to. She also has Cronic illnesses and has a service dog.
    Let me start with the Orlando airport, if you are staying at a Disney hotel you can get free bus transportation to your resort and they have a lift on the bus so you just wheel your wheelchair onto the lift,they lift your wheelchair up to the height of the bus and you wheel in and you can stay in your wheelchair. I don’t know if you’ll be at a value a moderate or a deluxe resort I have only been to a value resort and I can tell you the accessible rooms were just fine for me although I can walk some, they do have a shower chair and plenty of room to move around. If you use a bus to get to a resort many just have a ramp that you can wheel up the ramp and get tied down until you get to your park. If you choose to use the monorail near the Magic Kingdom Park or resorts or from the ticket and transportation center to Epcot there are ramps that are somewhat steep and long that will take you up to are you get on the monorail monorail is level with the floor and is easy to be a raven there is a small gap but with my motorized chair it was not a problem. I would advise against using boats as transportation the small boats you cannot use in a motorized wheelchair but it may be possible with a manual wheelchair there is just too much difference in height and space between the dock and the boat and it’s on water and it’s moving it’s a hard to get up onto it you can have one part where your wheel goes up easily another one where The boat is higher or something and you can’t get your front wheel on but if you have any help it may be possible. I have not use the mini van system but it is very much like a Uber or a lift in fact it can be booked through the lyft app it is $20 no matter where you go but it’s like your own personal taxi and they do have some that are a wheelchair excess a bowl accessible. It’s valuable if you don’t want to wait for a bus at night after the park closes or if you have to get somewhere like a reservation at a resort in enough time and you cannot go from resort to resort if they’re not near each other it’s good then because otherwise you’d have to take a bus from your resort to a park or Disney springs and then to that resort where you’dinner your reservation is.

  7. Disneyland Florida is not a thing or a place.DisneyWorld is Florida. Disney Land is in California. Not same. Whole continent between. Disney world bigger hopefully more accessible for you. Safe travels and many adventures!

  8. Welcome to my area of the country! We go to Disney World quite often so if you need any tips using a chair there, I can at least let you know my experience since everyone is different.

  9. Yes please do video about going through the airport!!! I will be traveling soon as well. My favorite ride at Disney is the rockin roller coaster.

  10. Download the app for Disneyworld. And add your tickets if you have them. You can make ride reservations up to 30 days in advance if you are not staying in a Disney hotel and 60 days if you are staying on Disney property.

  11. I’m so excited, we are planning a trip to Florida in 2021. I will be going with wheels, so I’m really excited for hints and tips. I’m definitely considering powerchair for the trip though!!

  12. Daisy is absolutely adorbs in her glasses!!! Funnest video ever even if it went a little awry. Funny at the end with the car and, "I don't know who that girl is! Where's Daisy?" Have fun. Safe travels.

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