😷 me being tired for 30 minutes | miami travel & reading vlog, part 2 ☀️

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38 thoughts on “😷 me being tired for 30 minutes | miami travel & reading vlog, part 2 ☀️”

  1. When you talked about faking being sociable at work, and having the other personality at home and at work, it really related to me. Sometimes I feel like I’m an actress too because all I do at work is act. I think most people do to be honest.
    I’m a teacher but omg do I hate socialising. But at work I’m the ‘happy, hey I love to talk, and teach you stuff by talking!’ But as soon as I’m home, just like you: introverted AF. How do we do it?! XD

  2. You're so inspiring sis, keep up the good work!

    On KOS

    I agree about Zoya. I mean true, what people said she changed due to war, but I also feel like Leigh tried so hard to 'humanise' and 'justify' her. Like oh, shes actually nice and have a sad backstory. I know she does but it's like, too much. I actually like how unapologetic she is in tgt.

    Im surprised that you liked this book and that ending. Cos I honestly felt like Im reading Grisha 2.0, with recycled villains and Zoya the next Alina(but at least shes better lol).

  3. tbh i kinda liked that alina was inexperienced bc it made Sense. homegirl had no fucking idea what the fuck she was doing bc she was raised in an environment where she never had to make tough, world changing decisions. nikolai was a privateer, and he had to care for people on his ship, so he had that leadership alina lacked, imo.

  4. I've always wanted to make these cool aesthetic vlogs like this but I always get nervous about filming things in public like people are gonna look at me weird. Do you feel this too? And if so how do you overcome it?

  5. Cindy you can be proud of yourself!! How many 24 year old have accomplished what you did!! Holy f*** you are an amazing art director!! And you got this amazing feedback!!! Love yourself 'cause you are worth it!

    Loved all the footage you made while staying in Miami 💖 I freaking love Miami!!

    Get well soon!!!

  6. I'm watching this video at night because I was busy for most of the day and hadn't realised you posted. So I'm watching the now and I'm gonna be tired tomorrow morning. Still worth it though cause its Cindy.

  7. Your choice in songs Cindy! That Gucci Gucci song from the last video was constantly ringing in my head throughout my exam last week. 😝

  8. Its always so cool to see your city from the vantage point of someone who doesn’t live here lol glad you had a good time. If you ever visit again and would like some solid local places, I’d be happy to give you some recommendations ❤️

  9. I heard the Oliver Tree remix and lost my MIND. That was a great video; I’m glad there are other introverts having to live the networking life for work lol

  10. Your Vlog game is on point!!! I was so concerned thinking you weren’t going to stay home after you had a fever on the way home lol. I hope you’re feeling better!
    Also, I’m really glad you are working on your self-esteem. That part at the end where you had to stop yourself from saying something negative got me in the feels. You don’t know me but I’m super proud of you!
    Keep it up! You got this!

  11. I’m proud of you Cindy!! You deserve all the success and accomplishments you’ve made. Congrats on making a step towards a more positive attitude and outlook on yourself! 🙌

  12. Omg this is the vlog that I aspire to make! 🤩 What are you using to edit your vids? I like this kind of vids from you, keep up the great content! All the introvert feels, I relate. I wish I could document my life like this. 🥰

  13. There were more dogs than I was expecting in this video, but I still think you could add some more 😀
    SO happy to hear you saying you are proud of yourself. I have only been watching your channel for a few days (I've got through about half your videos so far) and you are so talented. Looking forward to the future of your channel and of your life – it looks like you have even more amazing things to come. Hope you get over your cold/flu/illness soon!

  14. I love your long vlogs and I especially love when you get personal and watching you self reflect and show us how vulnerable you can truly be makes me want to work on my own (still kind of there) depression. Lots of love. ❤❣❤❣

  15. Awww I hope you feeling better! I loved this video- Miami has amazing art, I want to go just to take photos! Reinforcement that you’re a bad ass is always good! Never forget that. Thank you for sharing!

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