🚐 S4 E8 Young Singaporean Couple Quits the Rat Race to Travel the World

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34 thoughts on “🚐 S4 E8 Young Singaporean Couple Quits the Rat Race to Travel the World”

  1. Hey mjroadtripinn just following you on instagram. I really hope that u guys do your own vlog channel. Very interesting to know all the upside down on your road trip. Wishing all your plan goes well! Have fun! 🌈

  2. Sorry, my English is too bad.But I have some questions to ask.maybe you can trans…
    3,不算是个问题,提醒一下,中国有个app,叫窝友之家,是专门给房车旅行者设计的,会有rv parking以及攻略之类的信息,你们穿越中国的时候应该会有用。

    另外,男生很帅女生很漂亮,祝你们旅途愉快 😘😘

  3. Well done to take a major step M&J in your young lives to venture into the relatively unknown. No doubt you are one of the very few who have ventured into vanlife made popular elsewhere especially Europe and America. No doubt will follow your journey as I have thoughts of doing it one day in Asia. Must say that what comes to mind is the stifling weather and how to keep cool and also the environment which is still unaccustomed to vanlife especially the safety side of living outside. No doubt you will have many many wonderful and impressionable experiences through your journey especially through Asia, Middle East and Europe. What a journey it is going to be and can't wait to watch your experiences. I will hope to give you tips whenever I can as I'm an avid self sustainable kind of person. My wish is to show young people how to live off grid, grow own organic food, generate free energy and build natural houses and do our part with recycling. I wish you both the very best and keep up the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. You are doing the right thing and I'm very sure you will have a massive following. My wish is to set up a moneyless community in Borneo and to have great people doing their part to enhance community living.

  4. Rare to find usually prudent Singaporeans taking the plunge into ‘van-lifing’. This is probably one of the best videos you’ve uploaded so far. M+J make a cute couple that translates into great chemistry on camera. ☺️

    Just some humble feedback to improve your videos further. Adding explanations for some of the Singaporean slang would be helpful for your international audience. But don’t lose the Singaporean, Malaysian and Asian identity because that’s what makes this campervan channel unique among the deluge of similar channels on YT right now.

    Lastly, the background music during the interview segment is a little loud and intrusive. Gotta watch your audio levels during editing so that focus isn’t taken away from the interviewee.

    Nevertheless, this is still a great video and you’re making great strides on your channel and video editing (I’ve been following since the beginning!). I’m looking forward to seeing your channel grow even further! Keep it coming! 😉😊

  5. Great video! You will love Portugal so much! Enjoy the trip there! When in Portugal, go to Cascais! It's the westernmost point of the European continent. I have family there. Have a lovely and safe adventure!

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