1 Truck Vs. 1 Investment Property | Trucking Vs Real Estate 1.0

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44 thoughts on “1 Truck Vs. 1 Investment Property | Trucking Vs Real Estate 1.0”

  1. Definitely enjoyed the video and I am in the process of doing exactly like you. Just got an equity loan 100K and about to buy my first truck plus I may sell the house and take the rest of the equity to buy a newer house before I get back to CONUS

  2. For someone who isn't money hungry as you say you sure got a lot going on lol. Real estate , car dealership and trucking.

    I'm like you always thinking about ways of making money. I've been looking into starting a food truck and maybe a vending machine/soda machine business.

    There's a ton of business ideas out there.

  3. I don’t truck at all but I’ve been a subscriber since the first video I watched maybe a year ago because your energy is solid… real dude out here doing boss shit with a boss chick and constantly grinding to get better. Black excellence if I ever saw it.. keep giving game we hear you Ghost

  4. What’s up ghost! I have money saved up for a truck but not much experience. So I think I’ll go work OTR for at least 6-12 months. Eventually I want to buy a truck though. Do you still have your own authority or are you leased onto a company? Can I contact you for some knowledge? Appreciate the videos, peace ✌🏼

  5. Ghost my brother u really should be mentoring and getting paid for your game u doing what I’m gonna be doing when i get out in 3 years principal reduction and tax write offs on that house man u just scratched the surface on the game homie blessings to you from Lake Elsinore keep doing ya thang man

  6. Preach brother we started with two homes in 2017 and now we have 7 doors 5 buildings but we are selling the one in nor cal outside the bay area with $115k profit in 4 years gonna sell for a 8-20 unit apartment in San Antonio tx man u speaking that knowledge

  7. What’s good Ghost I recently purchased a truck 2013 w/ 95,000 mi on it from Ryder was used at a school to train my wife is OTR she has a lane from Washington to S.cal and has her own authority so she’s about to train for freight broker for next few days I pick up the truck next Friday I work in S.F @ utility company making about the same you were making if not more at the county my but I feelin like I want my own freedom but if I leave she won’t have benefits and they match whatever I put into my 401k( which is the stoke broker hustle) my question to you knowing what you know now would you still would’ve walked away from the county? Meaning one video you wanted that new position for the county and you didn’t get it would have done something’s different and stayed or still kept mashin?!? I’m at company you die or retire but I noticed money changed cause you feel your making more than the next man but I rather be happy hit the road with da wife but I’m holding fast your opinion would be greatly appreciated

  8. So a couple major flaws in your example.

    The avg cost of property management is 10% not almost 30%.
    Your rental doesn’t factor in the appreciation you gain every month from the tenants pay down on your mortgage payment. It also don’t incorporate your appreciation in the home, something your truck won’t do.

    Your truck example has no calculations for maintenance, repairs, or down payments on another truck.

    Rental properties are all about cash flow but the profit is in the long term, not in the monthly return.

    If you were to map this out over 30 years. You would see that your house paid you 1 million dollars in cash flow at $2800 month not even factoring inflation. And then you still have the asset of the house which is now paid off. And in the end you simply invested your down payment and leveraged the rest in a mortgage.

    In the same example with a truck you would have a depreciated asset that needed to be replaced every few years.

    And the other factor you didn’t speak on is the tax benefits. You can shelter way more taxes away from the gov with that rental property then with the truck.

    Housing may fluctuate but what doesn’t change is people needing to rent. In fact when the economy goes down renting increases, trucking rates don’t increase when the economy drops nor is the freight steady

    There’s a reason why mega carriers are going bankrupt right now but grant cardone is blowing up in real estate right now

  9. im not even knocking you.. but i feel like you telling someone else story.. someone put me on you.. difference between the haves and have knots.. it sounds good.. i'll tell you on the next story..

  10. I’m still watching but I’ll say real estate by just reading the title. Dedicated is cool for owner Operator with that low of a truck note. I thought you was saying in general into I watched the whole video like a business with multiple trucks or homes.

  11. Finally some one smart that actually talks numbers and lays it out flat for us thank you everyone else beats around the bush and never says real numbers

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