1 WEEK IN POLDARK COUNTRY travel vlog! recovering from hard months

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35 thoughts on “1 WEEK IN POLDARK COUNTRY travel vlog! recovering from hard months”

  1. "Awesome adventures and awesome rock climbing by River!" – Hana. "Hi Sarah and hi Dove Londons. Hope you are having a good time and I miss Sarah so much" – Jessie Lee. "DOVE LONDONS SMASHING IT. Love you guys." – Courts "Have a good time away still" – Jessie Lee again. "Miss you guys a lot, safe travels" – Hana, who doesn't want JL to have the last word.

  2. I really need to see the video where you talk about how you can still be joyful despite the challenges. I need to see that video bad! I’m having so much challenges myself at the moment

  3. You are simply extraordinary!!! River climbing, Zachy singing and the two of you off on your own. My heart swells with tears for the work that ya'll do, the intentions that you hold, the joy that springs forth and the knowledge that you walk a tough path💖I'm so happy you are going on retreat, I have happy tears for that….it is a must and I am so grateful that you are able to do that!!! 💖💚💙💜❤🧡 to you all…what a great holiday🥰

  4. Can we go for a holiday here with you all. The whole way through wee Jude Tui kept saying 'can we go there?'. Looks fabulous!! What beautiful footage. I felt the virtual relief of leaving the city!! Best moments were the joy of Tim's run, the glow in Jess' eyes as she breathed in the wild air, Sarah :), capes, River the rock wrestler, Zach's sweet singing voice, great adventuring overalls :), cornish pasty moment and your honest conclusion and walk together. A true love story on many levels. Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui.

  5. It was great to see this week – a different part of your journey. It's what you build that matters "but don't forget to pick some for River…" that is a comment built on love generated by your family love. Jessica I liked your honest comment about your relationship – all family relationships need working on – the truth is that its important to recognize this and of course the pressures that you and Tim are under make this so much more important… we pray that this time of refreshment and your marriage retreat will help you and Tim build stronger bonds for the difficult times ahead.

  6. Just had a look at all the comments, and I have to say all the comments say the things I want to say much better than I can. Your family move me to tears, not because I feel sorry for you or in any way pity you, but because you are so amazing and lovely, courageous even tho it’s such hard work for you both. Zack has a tender heart and River never gives up. I love you to bits.

  7. Though you highlight the highs in your vlog, the trials and challenges are still visible. Make time for each other every day. Begin each day by asking one another, what you can do for each other. Life will never give us more than we can endure, and overcome. Enjoy your marriage retreat, may it be a time of renewal, healing and above all, forgiveness. Sometimes when life throws us a curve ball, we take on blame that is not there. Bad things happen to good people, disability strikes where it may. You've both carried this channel with dignity and grace but if it is placing undue pressure on you both, then take a time of leave. Though I will miss your instalments, your relationships are far more important than allowing access for a bunch of us 'nosey parkers.' Love and peace to you all.

  8. What a beautiful family. Your story telling just keeps getting better and better – and the way you guys parent your 2 amazing little men is incredible. So glad you included the last part – the strength of your marriage is everything. You need each other even when you don’t want to admit it, and your boys outwork the love you model them so often in these videos. You lead them so incredibly to a more wondrous future that won’t be limited by how the world says their lives “should” look.

    It is just so inspiring to watch your little stories – the ups and the downs and all the spaces in between!

    And again – Tim your editing and composition is just getting so compelling!!

  9. Fabulous video !!! You really pack in so much !! All of you just bloomed on your vacation !! Very good that you are taking time to nurture your marriage as well. So much enjoy seeing the boys laughing freely, and Tim and Jess looking rosy !! Much love from me to all of you <3 <3 <3

  10. Blessings to you all..this is not meant to be answered ,( just for thought), but it may be time those guys got zippy wheelchairs for the longer jaunts. I can see they get wonderful exercise and do amazingly well , but they are growing well too and you you are using up a great deal of energy in carrying . I get wheelchairs don't go everywhere and packs still great, but if theres something that can lighten the load and leave you with more energy at the end of the day, then it's a useful tool and not a set back. You have beautiful family.Love to you all as you conquer your mountains.

  11. I loved that daydream start. Haha. Wow, I never knew England could be so beautiful. You two always find the most amazing places. I hope you remembered to get River some flowers. So sweet. Zach looks better in this video. Look after yourselves, it's so important to keep reconnecting among the chaos of our lives. Lots of love xxoo

  12. I love you and your family so much. The boys are such delightful and handsome boys. Y'all are truly the best mom and dad. Every parent could take away great lessons from you two. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful life of great adventures with us all. ♥️

  13. I’m so glad that you were able to get away. It’s so important to feed your soul.
    I agree that you need to be able to get away, just the two of you.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us.

  14. Aaaahhhhhhh, exactly what you needed at the right time! So glad you all got a chance to rejuvenate. …. and despite the trails and tribulations that's going on with the kids…. ALWAYS make time for the two of you…. its not selfish, its what will keep you strong as a family.
    Sending much love and aloha from Hawaii 🤙🤙🌺🌴

  15. As usual i have to watch yours twice at least. So beautiful. Think the best scene was River making up that huge rock OR the beautiful smile on his mum's face when you were out waking in the rain together. So lovely, all of it!!! Hugs.

  16. I want to say, that, although you and your boys, (their eyes) are so beautiful, most of us are under no illusion that it is a bed of roses. Its part of the reason we feel such love for you all. Your courage under such ongoing stresses. All of you. Blessings and love to you all. What adventurous spirits you all have.

  17. What an awesome break. Emm, Jay and I just all sat down and watched. We love Tim’s daydreaming, Rivers walker wheelies, the “stinky town”, Zachie’s sand surfing and all your relax time. So cool!!

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