1 Year and 200,000 Miles of Travel in 6 Minutes

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38 thoughts on “1 Year and 200,000 Miles of Travel in 6 Minutes”

  1. How much money (or miles, please convert it to money) this guy spent on traveling?

    And how many Co2 emission did this guy contributed, is this the same as a fictional Walmart executive private jet flight from Bentonville to Manila (my hometown)??

  2. Glad to hear you are carbon-offsetting, but be aware that not all carbon-offsetting schemes, or even trees (e.g. giant redwood is best as it lives for longestand absorbs most carbon) were created equal. And it's also not a means to an end, just a way of buying more time for humanity.

  3. Yes, you should definitely include content about your travels.  It doesn't have to be long with perfect editing.  Just a hodge-podge.  How did you like the Super Trees in Singapore?  What's the food like in Rwanda?  Best hotel stay.  Worst hotel stay.  Etc.

  4. I'm not sure how you do all that on top of being a uni student, but I'm impressed.
    And also envious that you get to travel that much. Time to start a YT channel!

    Also, you cute, damn

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