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  1. Nope, Odigo is a very disappointing website. They must have changed it since you’ve been there. You cant input travel dates to get suggestions anymore. Not helpful site unless you’ve already been to Japan. Also doesn’t tell you how to get around, nor where to go. Very difficult to navigate.

  2. Hey if you are australian, and dont want the fees or commissions use citibank card. It has zero commission and hardly any fees. Easy to exchange as well. In japan right now it helps.

  3. hi dear .I like ur videos.its very informative..im going to Tokyo on 4th april.i wanna request u plz when u make ur video..try to speak little slowly…ur speaking very fast its little bit hard to understand,,,

  4. one thing for the power board Japan uses the A/B outlet standard. if you are from america or canada its the same 2 prong or 2 prong + ground as america and canada. note that you may run into situations where you may not have a ground wire prong. also Japan's power grid runs at 100v at over 50 or 60 hertz depending if you are just north of Tokyo or Tokyo and south. North America run at 120 over 60 hertz. most of your newer devices should be able to run on japans power grid though they may charge slower then you are used to.

  5. Thank you for the suggestion of using Odigo as I hadn't heard of it before and love sites like this to help me save itineraries. That being said, I used the link you have provided to sign up to use it and the site appears completely different than what is shown in your video. Do they no longer have booking options? It seems really user non-friendly 🙁 Your video was posted over a year ago, so perhaps it has changed since then, but i'm really bummed I can't seem to figure out how to get to the pages you are referencing.

  6. Instead of a power board, I think that's what you called it… I take an extension cord that has multiple outlets, thus needing only one adapter and allows me to place the outlets in a convenient location such as on the night stand next to the bed. It's also handy in airports where there is a shortage of outlets and I can share with other travelers.

  7. I am going to try GoogleFi. It is $20 per month
    You MUST get a JR Pass if you are a tourist if you go on your own.
    They drive on the right side in Japan.
    Love the #10 advice

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