10 Reasons I Hated Disney World Florida

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  1. From a fellow Floridian the time to come for “cool” weather would be in March not September. And even then our Version of nice weather might be the equivalent of your summer. Pro tip renting a home is a better option than a hotel look for homes near Disney and grocery stores. Publix is everywhere and a much nicer grocery store where you can avoid strange folks. Pack your own snacks and water bottles. With all that being said Disney in recent years has gone downhill with overcharging for future projects. I’m no longer a fan and the magic kingdom parking and getting to the park is a nightmare 1 hour to get from the park to your car due to overcrowding and lack of structure when it comes to managing lines. A hot mess. It is fake, not magical save your money and travel the world. Also Americans and Europeans generally differ when it comes to what I would consider weird but it is what it is. Man walking shirtless in the rain with a balloon a little weird but we just keep it moving. Lake buena vista and Orlando are 2 very different areas although next to each other. Lake buena vista (Disney) it is its own creature.

  2. Well keep in mind your idea of Humidity and heat is far from what your idea is. There are alot of Veggie the turkey legs are only in one area normaly, But sugar really you come from the people of fryed marsbars! XD.

  3. I'm with you on Disney, I've been there many times over the years and it dosen't get any better over time imho. Our food here in America can tend toward the fried side of the kitchen but it can be controlled by the choices we make about our diets. Be ready when you go to a restaurant to get an over abundance of food. I save money by taking home what I don't eat in the restaurant and it then becomes 2 or maybe even 3 meals.
    I met my wife in Florida so I feel your pain about the subtropical climate. I. Hate. It. And so we moved 700 miles north to the mountains of North Carolina. We both love it here, cooler but we can get hot & humid several months a year. But we have 4 distinct seasons here. There are many beautiful places here in the States & I hope the man made prettiness of Disney doesn't put you off from coming across the big pond and visiting other places.
    In reference to Florida, I've joked over the years to my wife that if the world ever needed an enema the tube would be inserted in Florida 😉😱.

  4. As an avid Disney lover I find this interesting. I would say that if you visit other theme parks in America, Disney is actually incredibly detailed and well build in comparison. They spend a lot of time on the details. Yeah the food is really sugary and fatty and just not the best. I found Disneyland to have better food, but honestly it’s pretty American to have everything fried and fatty and sugary unfortunately. I’d love to see Disney up their food game with better healthier foods in the future. Disney World used to have down times where the crowds were not bad and it was much easier to navigate and enjoy it, but now days it is always crowded and exhausting… they really don’t have a low season anymore, which sucks. Props to you for putting up with it for your daughter! It’s a lot and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

  5. Yeh, Florida in general is just hot and humid most of the year, I lived near Orlando for a few years and it's pretty miserable in September, so sorry you were advised so badly. You might have done better going to Disneyland in California for easier weather. I am an American who has lived in Japan and now Italy for the last 6 years and can tell you the sugar consumption in America is off the charts compared to other parts of the world and it's an addiction at this point for many people. Much of what you described is why I'm not in a hurry to go back but it seems we are slated to return to America next. I wonder if anyone has been to Disney Paris and how it compares?

  6. Haha, I liked this video before even seeing it. I've been to Disney Florida and elsewhere in America and found people to be very insincere espcially in the service industries. And as for the food… mainly I found also way too much sugar, fat and salt but also strangely bland. Ah well chalk it up to experience like I have 🙂

  7. When I had kids I didn’t like Disneyland, but now that I’m older my husband and I love it. Stress from kids can ruin a lot of the Disney parks. We now like to eat at the more expensive places in downtown Disney and relax and do what we want. However, we go to Disneyland not world, and we go during off season and can literally run to the ride as there will be no one in line. Kids with phones is a parental thing not American. LOL this was hilarious, definitely don’t agree, but I understand if you don’t like Disney you won’t get it and it will be a horrible experience.

  8. Pushing an 8 year old in a stroller is not a normal thing in America, that's 100% a Disney thing. Also here in America our foods are MUCH more sugar filled! Although I completely agree that after only eating Disney food after a couple days you feel like a garbage can; Disney food is like regular American food on steroids.

  9. I've been to Disney World Florida once, I went when I was 8 or 9. So obviously it was fun back then because I was a kid. But now my dad brought up some good points that proved to me that it's actually pretty bland and boring. I'm a massive Disney fan, but I don't think I could go back for myself to that Disney World. It's cool for kids and kids only really. And it is artificial, those people in the character suits are pretty much forced to stay in character, it's a rule at Disney World (all of them). So I agree with you. Happy to see I'm not the only one who doesn't like it.

  10. Oh dear!! 😄 Why on earth did you go??? For what it's worth, I think you unfortunately weren't aware of the amount of planning and preparation a disney world holiday generally entails. You need to pre book fast passes, restaurants etc months in advance. It's not a holiday you can book and forget about until you get there. There are some stunning restaurants on property, but again, it requires a bit of research and forward planning. But look. You're just not a Disney girl, and fair play, why should you be? It's just unfortunate that you spent a lot of money to confirm that. Glad your daughter loved it though, and you can pat yourself on the back for being a great Mum and enduring all that torture for her 😂.

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