10 Secret Hotel Hiding Spots

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27 thoughts on “10 Secret Hotel Hiding Spots”

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  2. I can just picture the hotel staff stacked up against the hotel room door listening in to this maniac trashing the room screaming "I FOUND THE MONEY MURPHY!!" "ANOTHER 100 DOLLARS!!"
    Great episode guys

  3. For those not old enough to remember alarm clocks – there's a battery compartment in there, not to keep them displaying the time or setting off the alarm while the powers out – it's just there so you don't have to worry about it flashing 12:00 after the power comes back.

  4. two things

    1) remember the harder it is for you to get something the harder it is for a thief. So instead of hiding something in the freezer hide it behind a wall you need to plaster over.

    2) Jason Murphy was a phone phreak? Do an episode of that. That shit is way interesting and useful if you were a spy trying to make an untraceable phone call.

  5. Hello, and welcome to "Rogue house flipping"!!

    This episode, Brian Brushwood destroys an entire hotel room for $1,000! Come and see the crazy spots that Jason Murphy has hidden 10 $100 bills!

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