100 Cruise Vlogs Milestone | Sean and Stef | Travel Filmmakers | 100 Days at Sea

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16 thoughts on “100 Cruise Vlogs Milestone | Sean and Stef | Travel Filmmakers | 100 Days at Sea”

  1. Always enjoy your vlogs, your free spirits and yearnings for new adventures i'm sure inspires myself and many others to try new things, check out new places. Enjoy life! Cheers to you both. The thing I really enjoy about watching your vlogs is your genuine sincerity and humbleness. Amazing personal traits to have. I'll be staying tuned for your next adventures. Funny comment you made about your viewers not liking your blue hair. The Stef we all know & love has Pink hair hilights. 🙂 Take care!

  2. Hi Sean & Steph from the UK. So glad you enjoyed your P&O Ventura cruise (PandO), I will be back on board with them in October on one of their adult only ships, the Aurora, can't wait! I am 'Super Excited' ;-). Just wanted to say congratulations. I love watching you vlogs, you are both always so upbeat and positive. Keep posting!

  3. Wow, what an epic journey you've had so far! We've just started our vlog journey having completed our first series this year. I hope we make it to 100, but I don't think we'll catch you up at the rate you're going! Good work guys!

  4. Congrats on 100 vlogs. I love your vlogs mostly because you do fun things. I like that you do other things that most vloggers don't do, adventurous things. Keep up the good work guys!

  5. Congrats Sean & Stef!!! I’m a newer subscriber and am still catching up (I went alllll the way back to your first vlogs). Love your content & your style! I just watched your Epic TA vlogs yesterday after the Live and loved the Tobaggan in Madeira!!!

  6. Gorgeous!! What a wonderful collaboration of your journeys! You both bring so much joy to those of us who are not able to go on these adventures (yet) and are happy to see you giving back to the community and exploring this precious planet! Thank you for sharing!!

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