#1042 Inside GRACELAND! – ELVIS PRESLEY House & Grave – PRIVATE LIFE – Travel Vlog (6/14/19)

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34 thoughts on “#1042 Inside GRACELAND! – ELVIS PRESLEY House & Grave – PRIVATE LIFE – Travel Vlog (6/14/19)”

  1. Wow Jordan you know i have been.waiting for this. . Great job you brought your own unique perspective to this. Your voice had excitement in it and the video had this too.thanx. you never disappoint

  2. When I went to Graceland nearly 20 years ago, the Racquetball Building was used to display all of Elvis's awards on the old tour. I'm glad they restored it to it's original glory. He used that piano and sang a gospel song supposedly before he went to bed before he died.

  3. Awesome vlog today!! Good to see Jah on the vlog today yay!!! He is still the cutest Chihuahua ever. How awesome to see Graceland!! I’ve always wanted to see & visit Graceland, so today got a free “ vip pass “ & it was so beautiful.. just like I had imagined only so much more beautiful!! Elvis knew how to live that’s for sure. Great vlog today it made my day!! Thanks Jordan, I appreciate your time and effort in pulling this together!!🌹🌺🌼🌸🍀🦋🦄🔮👍🏻🌻🌻🤠

  4. Oh, when carpeted walls were considered the height of luxury and now we wonder what WERE people thinking? My grandma once told me that when you grow up poor and everything is drab and bare, color and textures really capture your heart. Whatever his issues, he was an incredible talent. I also think it was sweet how much this country boy loved his mama! Many people didn't know Elvis had a twin, Jessie. It's good he's remembered there.

  5. You always do such a wonderful job showing places. Loved this! I have heard from other as well, that Graceland seems small because you do not get to see the upper level, still totally worth it! Thank you for consistent great quality videos! <3 <3

  6. Well my life is now complete!!💕 Graceland is on my bucket list!! I was surprised by how large the grounds and additional buildings were. Such a lovely home too!! Thanks Jordan!!

  7. Check out Elvis cars the paint jobs are wonderful and you have to remember this was done late 50 s I have sat my fat rump in each one of them gold records are inthe cars

  8. When I went here in 1993, no photos allowed. You got to do way more than I ever got. I tried to sneak a photo by a car and got caught. I see a lot more rooms opened to see, the Kitchen and the extra bedroom. The crib part is new as well. Thanks Jordan.

  9. you have spread joy to the thousands who cant get to graceland.ive been there several times,but what a joy to see it thru your eyes.your a good soul,and elvis felt that.

  10. An incredible tribute to Elvis Presley! I’m so amazed by Graceland. It feels like Elvis himself could come strolling in at anytime. Thank you for the tour and all the great pictures. It’s like I was actually there on the tour! The narration is awesome! It all flowed together seamlessly. Thank you Jordan! I love this vlog!

  11. Terrific! This destination is among my ultimate places to visit, because I find it utterly fascinating. The decor alone is amazing to me, and that's just the beginning. Graceland is such a marvel of cool and extravagance and kitsch and history. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  12. To me. Graceland and the White House are the two most historic and valuable homes in America. Maybe even the world.
    For those that may not know.
    When you walked inside and took your first photo. You were standing directly under the spot where Elvis had died. Just acouple feet up. Elvis's viewing was placed in the living room. Just between the two peacock stained glass doors. Thanks to Priscilla Presley. After all of these decades. There's still so much life in Elvis's home. It's not a cold dark lifeless museum of stuff. When you walk in. You feel as if he just left for a show and that he'd be back at any time. At least that's how I felt. Until you get to the Meditation Garden and His grave site. Then reality sets in. He's really gone.
    Priscilla deserves all the credit for preserving his home and legacy. No disrespect to Vernon Presley. But if it was up to him. Everything would have been sold off. It took decades. But Priscilla and Lisa just bought back the Lisa Marie plane. They've single handedly kept Elvis's life and legacy preserved forever.
    Great video. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

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