105° Heat Walking Las Vegas Strip Vlog

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36 thoughts on “105° Heat Walking Las Vegas Strip Vlog”

  1. Don’t move to Las Vegas if your sick and need good
    Medical doctors they are low Quality 😎
    Don’t move to Las Vegas if you have children
    Schools are very low quality 🏫
    Plus jobs are low paying 💰💰
    Good luck 🍀

  2. Great video, I was just in Vegas for 7 days and on Tuesday I jogged from Excalibur to the sign and what a pain with all the construction at times I had to run in the road around work trucks. I ran up the backside of the sign and took pictures and skipped the line 🙂

  3. Jacob loves his subscribers so much that the is willing to get out in 105 degree weather just to entertain them. Wow .. much respect man.. There are multi millionaire entertainers that won't even do that.

  4. Back in 1999 before we got married we walked from New York, New York to the ‘Belz’ shopping mall, which is now South Premium Outlets.
    This was in 105 deg heat!

  5. WHY does Jacob have to respond to people who are logged in on his LIVE blog????? IT IS IRRITATING!!!! I had to bail out. He repeats everything that his minions post, like that is supposed to be interested to the rest of us.

  6. I live in Arkansas where we have 100 temps with 95% humidity in the summers giving us a daily heat index from 105 to 115…. It was funny a few years back in Vegas, my x and I were walking by the Paris about 2pm and a security guy said you guys need to watch the heat. I turned to him and said we are from Arkansas and he laughed and told us he visited his grandma a few years back there and said he thought he’d die from the heat. He said I know your use too it and told us to have a good time. Lol

  7. That's the area on Your left–inside the water basin inside the covert they found a body of a "mummified body" of a homeless man deep in the mud after a bad rain storm washed in down from higher up—about 2yrs ago

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