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  1. We're currently travelling Central and South America and documenting this on our channel and have the following tips as well:

    1. Research a place before you go. It may sound obvious but some people just arrive in a city and plan to just wing it there. This can be great sometimes (we admit to doing it) but it may mean you miss out on some great activities or places there and if you don't research areas or transport, could cost you more with accommodation and getting around.

    2. Carry on luggage. When we told people we were travelling 9 months with just carry on they thought we were crazy! However, you really don't need THAT much stuff and when you're walking up a hill or running for a bus you will be thankful for a lighter load. Also, you don't have to pay any luggage fees if you're planning on flying during your travels so saving some extra cashhh 🙂

    3. Shampoo bars. They are smaller so take up less room than bottles, last for sooo long and also don't have any plastic packaging so better for the environment – woo!

    4. Let your bank know you're travelling. In addition to all the advice on cards, just give your bank a quick call or message on social media to let them know what area you are travelling and for how long. Some banks you can even do this through their app. It just saves the risk of your card being blocked and the hassle of spending time you could be travelling and enjoying yourself, trying to sort it out.

  2. Very helpful video! Made notes in my note book before I go on my first solo backpacking trip around Thailand early next year!! 😁 keep up the good work! your vids help me and many others out there a lot!! 🙂

  3. No need to buy a special weighing scale for your baggage. You step on the scale in your bathroom, then do it again and carry your bag, the weight difference will show whether you are within the weight limits of your airline.

  4. Another tip is wear at beanie or cap at the airport when going through security put all the items from your pockets in the hat so when your at the other side just lift your hat grab your stuff and goooooooooooo

  5. related to the "100ml only" – travel with a bunch of large ziplock bags. In addition to being generally handy for keeping wet stuff separate, if you do forget that your favourite water bottle is full and security won't let you tip it out… just empty it into a ziplock bag, seal it up and hand over the squishy bag of fluid. It's cheeky, but it beats chugging the bottle, or leaving the queue.

  6. Hydrating for flight is a great tip. Aircraft air conditioning removes up to 80% of the humidity from the air. Very important to drink water while flying. Word of the day, kerfuffle. Also, still waiting for my bum bag…are orders for the U.S. taking longer?

  7. If you’re on a long term multi-country trip it’s a good idea to keep about $100-150USD emergency cash stash, one of the strongest currencies so you can always exchange it anywhere. The more often you exchange money the more you lose to conversion and fees. So better to just exchange it when you really need it, rather than going to money changers every time you switch countries.

    Also research which countries need you to exchange money before you leave the country, assuming you have cash left over. I got caught with this. Couldn’t exchange my Nepalese rupees in denominations below 1000 outside of the country. Lost about $30. I’ve heard Laos is another one where this happens.

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