13Hour Road Trip Vlog!!!/Sierra Leone To Liberia!

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20 thoughts on “13Hour Road Trip Vlog!!!/Sierra Leone To Liberia!”

  1. Miss Trudy, thank you from the bottom of my heart & spirit for helping Baby Maya Wode Maya! So many times Godโ€™s persons have been taken from us. Congressman Elijah Cummings was taken from us & he is younger than me. The United States Of America had trained me as a Swat Military man to kill from any distance, but, I refused to kill one of my own; my Black & African people. Not Ever!

  2. Safe travel to Liberia guys. I love what u showed us of Sierra Leone. Wode we hope things will change in Afrika in the near future and Afrikans in the diaspora will want to go back home because of Africa to the World. I will be coming to Africa as soon as i straighten oit my finances

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